This Intimate Wedding Above The Clouds Will Make You Rethink Taking The Traditional Route
  Ever dream about throwing the wedding rule book out the window, running to the hills and saying "I DO" in a remote location with only a handful of your closest loved ones and the trees around you as guests? Well,...
by The Venue Report


Ever dream about throwing the wedding rule book out the window, running to the hills and saying "I DO" in a remote location with only a handful of your closest loved ones and the trees around you as guests? Well, you can! It is totally doable and we found a couple who made it happen. 

The two met in New York City and after a couple years of adventuring together, both had dreamt of one day being wed on the West Coast. Fast forward to this time last year the couple had some decision making to do. Adam, an artist/Store Leader for Warby Parker and Gautam, an architect for Jennifer Weiss Architecture, decided that they would ditch tradition and plan a low-key wedding in nature that would be simply all about the love they share and the ones who mean the most to them. We’re breaking down the steps to recreating this for you savvy DIY-ers out there. 1. Find a prime location, 2. Gather your gang, 3. Grab some bottles of champagne because, bubbles. Lots of bubbles. Need a little bit more info? We thought so... We grabbed Adam and Gautam to share their secrets about how easy it really was and the full breakdown of what went into their day.



What do you love most about San Francisco? 

Gautam + Adam: We love that we can be out of the city and in the wild in a matter of minutes, where you have sweeping views at every hilltop. Mt. Tamalpais is one of our favorite places and nothing beats a bottle (or two) of champagne on top of the golden hills. We also love zipping along the 1 highway in our fire engine red Fiat to the Muir Woods, Stinson beach, Marin headlands and Point Reyes. With so many places to explore, the golden coast will never get old and has such a special place in our hearts.



Have you both always dreamed of an intimate wedding in the hills?

Gautam: I never knew what my wedding would be, and hadn't pictured it beyond knowing I'd want it to be immersed in nature, perhaps at the edge of the cliff. Mt Tam was a perfect blend. Adam found a spot while traipsing around with our close friend one day while I was at work, and told me he had found our spot! A grassy knoll right above the tree line of Muir Woods National Monument.

Adam: I've always wanted to get married in a Forrest or surrounded by nature. Finding this spot above the redwood giants, right on the edge of the ocean, was a dream.  



Your wedding looked magical! How did you two decide on the location? 

Gautam: Once Adam showed me the spot, I knew I'd treasure the location for years and years. It is just around the bend of Trojan Point, out west though the grassy trails. With views of both Stinson Beach and SF, it was a representation of everything we love about where we live.



San Fran in the Fall? Tell us all about it!

Adam: We were so lucky that our wedding date (late November) was a beautiful sunny day! It was cloudy the day before and the day after, and in the shade of the clouds, the wind in SF, from the streets to the mountain tops, can be a tad bit cool.  The clearest days you'll find are during Sept-Nov after June Gloom (foggy) season and prior to the rainy winter months. 



Any tips for couples dreaming of a wedding in a remote location? 

Gautam + Adam: Be resourceful and pack light, if you are on a budget and your location requires traveling on foot! We thrift-shopped for blankets, finding beautiful woven rugs and blankets and large sections of wool for cheap, all in keeping with a blue/brown color scheme, which we used to cover the ground for our friends and family to sit on. And who needs cups?! Pack a few bottles to share for after the ceremony! (See the image of us drinking out of the bottles :) The location is everything, scope out the exact view you want people to have behind you as you say "I do", and make sure your seating area is located appropriately. Start early in the afternoon if outdoors in a mild or chilly area - once the sun disappears it gets cold fast! Otherwise if it's hot out where you are, start later in the day for a cooler breeze, but beware of any little critters or bugs! Depending on your style, you may either want a few or a lot of decorations to adorn the area. State Parks are a GREAT resource for the perfect outdoor wedding where you can make more decisions and less dictated by a rented space.




Photography: Adam + Gautam's Friends and Family (See, we told you this is totally do-able!) 

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