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This New Restaurant Has Already Won Bathroom of the Year
  2019's brunching game is already looking to be the year to beat. More eyes than ever before are on new restaurant openings and the creative teams – design, food and drink – behind them. Some new restaurants...
by Heather Ash


2019's brunching game is already looking to be the year to beat. More eyes than ever before are on new restaurant openings and the creative teams – design, food and drink – behind them. Some new restaurants take the route of more is more, attempting to out-do the rest while others are paring back their approach focusing on simplicity and community. Carlsbad's newest addition set in the heart of downtown falls right in the middle of these approaches. Light and airy, bathed in rose with touches of teal, Jeune et Jolie is a bruncher's paradise inspired by the French Riviera. 

Our team has, of course, visited the establishment a few many times since opening not long ago. First impressions of the interiors are: a rounded, vintage looking bar in the center of the space, terrazzo, poppy art, tufted booths and lace curtains as well as that general aforementioned pleasant airiness all designed by Bells + Whistles. The menu has artful creations and cocktails inspired by ports around the world. Carefully curated wines are meant to pair delicately with the menu offerings. We sat down with our own designer, Nathan Mueller who is already a Jeune et Jolie regular about his experience and what he is deeming 'The Coolest Bathroom of 2019.'

First impressions of Jeune et Jolie? 

Jeune et Jolie is everything I needed in my life: a brunch spot where I could order not only tartine and coffee but a full French-inspired breakfast (because I'm fancy)... and I also needed a local restaurant where I could find inspiring interiors. Oh, and I also found The Coolest Bathroom of 2019 for selfies. It's at Jeune et Jolie. 
Time to dive into design - give us the inside scoop. 

The inside scoop is it's every interior designer's dream and every detail is perfection. The collection of art mixed with the tufted rose booths and rounded bar is everything. And yes, it is the winner (of my personal awards) of The Coolest Bathroom of 2019 award because each one comes in two different colors and they are perfect for selfies. There's also a vintage radio from Paris that plays the best French tunes to complete the loo's vibe. 

Profile the perfect diner.

Definitely groups - the brunch bunch. Not too boozy, but can enjoy a glass of specialty French rosé. Plates are great for sharing bites of and, of course, those oysters I mentioned. For evening, I think this would be an amazing date night spot with all of the exquisite lighting throughout the restaurant illuminating the dusty rose interiors." 

Give us a rundown of the menu, any standouts?

O M G. The brunch menu is everything (I've only been for brunch but three times in a month). Highly recommend going with a group and sharing one of everything on the menu! What I order: a round of oysters to start, the "Oeuf" (pronounced "oof" that comes with fried egg, mushroom, bacon, pommes pure and demi glace), the tartine with country ham, salad lyonaisse, and, of course, cocktails, beignets and espresso.

Why should Jeune et Jolie top our brunching list with so many cool new spots in SD? 

Not only is the brunch menu, design and vibe great, but the service is just as top notch. Every server is extremely friendly and passionate about the menu. Ask your server anything – with their in-depth knowledge of the menu they can recommend anything that would be perfect for your group to order. 

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