This Stunning Brunch Spot Will Make You Green With Tile Envy
Alyssa Brown
byAlyssa Brown

It’s rare that we can’t immediately spot the difference between a swanky hotel lobby and a restaurant, but this absolutely gorgeous spot in Madrid has us doing a double take. Perrachica isn’t your average brunch haunt, instead it’s a well thought out, beautifully designed space with quite an amazing menu too.

It's delicious, it's affordable, and it's high on our list of brunch spots worth traveling to. Add it to the bucket list, amigos.


Photography: Perrachica | Theulifestyle


The Scoop

The main dining area at Perrachica feels like a giant lounge room with some café tables peppered in. Perfect for a big group brunch, you could easily take over a number of zones within the high-ceilinged, couch-filled and flooded-with-natural-light space. Step onto the magical terrace and you'll find walls and ceilings wrapped in a cool green geometric design, floors fully tiled, incredible lighting installations, and an array of tropical plants. It almost feels more like you're in the Bahamas than Madrid, but we sure won't complain about that. 


Photography: Perrachica


The Menu

Oh Spanish brunch, how we love thee. Go big or go bigger on the brunch order, as this is a culture that loves to share food and taste lots of flavors. Breakfast style arepas, pancakes stuffed with fresh fruits, croquetas and empanadillas, focaccia with jamón Ibérico, cheese filled crepes... The list goes on and on. And you better believe you'll be washing it all down with a really good glass of bubbly.


Photography: Perrachica


The Scene

Because we wouldn't have you add a brunch spot to your bucket list without giving you good reason, rest assured that Perrachica is located in a primo part of Madrid that's every bit worth exploring. The nearby Only You boutique hotel is a perfect place to lay your head at night and pass a bit of time during the day, and the art gallery at Mondo Galeria always has some cool exhibition running. There's way too much to get into in this town, but that's why we love it enough to say it's 100% bucket list worthy.


Photography: Perrachica


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