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This Brooklyn Spot Is Adding Oysters & Cocktails to Your Next Brunch
Heather Ash
byHeather Ash

We’ve all seen it play out too many times before: you walk into a trendy new restaurant where the bartenders have handlebar mustaches, mini oil lanterns illuminate every tabletop, and “vintage” decor adorns the walls. Another day, another old-timey themed restaurant enters (and probably soon exits) the scene. Maybe it was the rise in prohibition themed, well, everything (thanks, Gatsby), but tin-ceilinged, suspender wearing, dimly lit restaurants are simply a dime a dozen these days. Except for one. There’s a restaurant in Brooklyn that has been doing the “ode to bygone eras” theme since 2011 and doing it well. 

Maison Premiere has been serving up New Orleans cuisine in a southern-inspired space and winning awards for it for years. Trends come and go, but Maison Premiere has stayed true to their roots and perfected their craft. In 2016, they were the James Beard Award recipient for "Outstanding Bar Program" and were Michelin Guide recommended in 2017. Now, they are a veritable mainstay of Brooklyn, and every visitor enthusiastically endorses the raw bar, cocktail bar, and restaurant as a must during your visit to NYC.

Photography: Nicole Franzen

Weathered & Worn 

Inspired by the original oyster bars, hotel lobbies, and absinthe cafes of New York City, Paris, and New Orleans, Maison Premiere brings a sense of grandeur into the everyday. Upon entering, you’re greeted by the stunning horseshoe-shaped bar, perfect for easy (and instant) oyster access. The walls are faded and worn, the paintings depict ships and war heroes of past times, and the lighting gives off just enough glow so your drink can find your mouth. Outside, the patio feels like a piece of an old plantation with intricate ironwork and ferns hanging above the tables. Inside tip: weather permitting, always wait for a patio table.  

Photography: Will Femia | Melissa Hom | Nicole Franzen

Boozy Brunch

Brunch was made to be served with adult bevvies ranging from bubbly to bloodies to even a much-needed brewski, and Maison Premiere took the brunch staples and put their own, elevated twist on each. Not feeling a cocktail? Go straight for the absinthe selection – the largest in the U.S. – to take brunch there. Onto the food, the menu draws straight from NOLA so think homemade pastries (scones, croissants, biscuits and the like) alongside classics like bitter greens and bacon, poached eggs and caviar, and shrimp and grits. And they threw in a lobster roll for good measure. 

Photography: Nicole Franzen

Oyster Hour

You love oysters, I love oysters, we all really love oysters (and if you don’t, let’s fix that). Maison Premiere offers over 30 oyster options every day, hand-selected from their established farm partners. Oysters can get real pricey, real fast and before you know it, your allotted brunch budget is gone. Friends, we have some good news: on weekends, Maison Premiere has Oyster Hour from 11am-1pm where the oysters are roughly half price, landing somewhere in the dollar range. Finally, you can have your brunch and eat the oysters too.

Photography: Nicole Franzen

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