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Unplug on a Private Island at This Arctic Hotel

Imagine a string of modern architectural houses on a private island in the Arctic for you to fully get away. This birthday, escape off the coast of Norway and treat your soul to what it really needs – a digital detox and nature immersion. Located on the Fleinvær island, this Arctic hotel provides all the peace and privacy your mind craves. Bring up to fifteen of your closest friends and family to celebrate an unplugged birthday. With outdoor activities to fill your day, Fordypningsrommet's nine mini houses (and really cool floating cabin) will help ring in another year the Scandinavian way. 

Just remember, it's your birthday and you can unplug if you want to.  

Photography: Marianne Bjørnmyr


There are nine houses in total – four are made for sleep, one for inspiration, one serves as a kitchen, one is a studio house, one is a sauna and one is for bathing. You must book at least three of the houses to cover all your basic functions and needs of sleeping, eating and cleaning. Built by architects and designers Andrew Devine and Ruben Stranger, these nine houses were originally created to house workshops for architecture students. Each house is minimalistic in nature and cube like in shape and is made out of wood and windows. For those with design sensibilities, this is right up your alley. 

Photography: Pasi Alto

Digital Detox

While a speed ferry can get you back to society, being secluded on the private island is the type of detox Fordypningsrommet is offering you. Partake in any of their nature immersion activities – bird watching, fishing tours and shell picking to name a few. The owners suggest staying for a minimum of three days to get the full detoxifying experience.  The estate is even car-free providing a completely stress-free environment for its lodgers.

Photography: Pasi Alto

What You Need to Know 

Before celebrating your birthday the unplugged way, there are a few things you need to know to prepare yourself for your getaway. You have the option of bringing your own food to the property or the owners will happily arrange for food from the local grocery store. For your trip, you can employ a host who can serve as your personal guide to the lodging and surrounding area. If you choose to go the host route, breakfast will be included. Packing wool is recommended, even in summer, and if you need to use your phone, they recommend certain nature apps to enhance your stay like the star constellation app, Sky Guide. 

Photography: Spike Reid | Dave Corn

The Seasons

Find your birthday month and plan away! From late August you will get to experience the Northern lights with nice weather conditions. Starting in November storms come with rain and heavy winds, which is proclaimed to be the “nicest way to feel alive” by the owners of the property. From late November to mid January is the alternative lights season meaning no sun. Without the sun, the stars, moon, planets and aurora are all visible. 

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