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We Just Found The Vehicle You Should Be Driving When You Propose To Your Better Half
Alyssa Brown
byAlyssa Brown
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The Joshua Tree House

Joshua Tree, CA, United States

One of our favorite hotel landing spots in Joshua Tree, the Joshua Tree House is now offering up their ahhh-mazing little vintage 1969 International Vintage Scout 800A for daily rentals. That’s right, you can use this man-candy vehicle to romp around the desert and arrive everywhere on your list in style. Oh, and by the way, it’s painted white and (drumroll, please) everyone’s favorite Pantone color of the 2017: Greenery.

“And what would I do with such a baller vehicle in the desert?” you ask. Plan a picnic on a dirt road that’s only accessible via four-wheel drive. Book a photo shoot with a handful of the best vendors you know. Arrive in style to your own wedding. Use it as a mobile DJ booth or bar backdrop for an epic desert party. Pop the question – yep, THAT one – to your soon-to-be-fiancé in the middle of the Cholla Cactus Gardens. Throw a mattress on top and go star-gazing in the park. The options are limitless, friends.

We recently connected with Richard Combs, owner of The Joshua Tree House and our favorite Scout to catch up about his crush-worthy SUV. Here’s what he has to say about taking Scout on the road.

Words by Richard Combs | Photography by the Joshua Tree House


Scout is the cutest travel companion! Tell us his story... 
Thanks! Scout has been a major part of our life in Joshua Tree. When we first moved here in March of last year, we knew we wanted to find the perfect desert ride. I was constantly looking on Craigslist and eventually the Scout popped up. It was love at first sight and I sent an email right away. The next day we drove three hours round trip to claim Scout as our own. Since then, we use it as our main vehicle in town. Scout is just as good at working as relaxing, and helps out with everything from hauling materials for renovations to acting as a great table for impromptu picnics in the park.

Where has Scout been? Any cool sites or adventures? 
Scout's been all over Joshua Tree. One of our favorite things to do is go for a ride through Joshua Tree National park playing Led Zeppelin with the windows down. There's also a great trail to take Scout on called Geology Tour Road. It's a dirt road through the park where we get to take advantage of Scout’s 4 wheel drive. 



What are some tips you have for adventurers taking Scout out for a trip in Joshua Tree? 
There are so many photogenic spots in Joshua Tree to take Scout. A few of our favorites are picnics in Indian Cove, watching the sunset at Key’s View, and off-roading down Geology Tour Rd.

Alright, give us the scoop - How much to rent Scout by the day?
Scout is available to rent for photoshoots! We will drive Scout to a shoot location within Joshua Tree for a day rate of $1k.



Photography by the Joshua Tree House | More info available at Scout



Rich Combs
Rich Combs
The Joshua Tree House
Venue Owner
Joshua Tree, California, USA

Something about this place pulled us in and stayed in our thoughts. Exactly one year later, we found ourselves looking to buy a home in Joshua Tree. As soon as we stepped foot onto the property of the Joshua Tree House we knew it was special, and the perfect place to share with others who needed to reset, reflect, and create. After sharing our home and and hearing stories of friend weekends, engagements, and magical memories being made at the house, we couldn't help but design another space to share. We found and fell in love with the Joshua Tree Casita, and are so happy we get to share the intensely starry sky with you. - Website

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