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Where to Hygge Next: This Norwegian Island Resort
Alyssa Brown
byAlyssa Brown

In our latest edition of bucket list worthy birthdays, we are fully obsessing over this stunning little cottage with massive windows and beautiful sitting spaces that look right out onto the landscape of an old fishing village just south of the Arctic Circle. Located on its own island in Norway’s Unesco-protected Vegaøyan, the surrounds will have you ready to embrace your inner Viking and explore the coastline, arctic waters, beaches and mountainous terrain.

You might find yourself wandering through the rugged mountains and turquoise bays, and you might even get lucky enough to spot the Northern Lights while you’re at it. Besides that, all you really need to wish for this birthday is for someone to teach you how to Hygge like the Nordics do.

More about this stunning property below, from Off Grid Hideaways.

What's the overall inspiration for this property? What influenced the design? 

The property reflects the landscape – rocks, moss, lichens etc. Over the time, cladding will develop a patina to match the gnarled, wind-blasted trees on the shore. It's neat gable roofs recall the traditional naust boathouses that dot Norway’s fishing villages and the rooms are arranged on two levels that follow the land’s topography.

The home is furnished so beautifully, where did the owners source the furniture and decor?

There are only a few furniture pieces in the cottage. All were carefully selected to harmonize with the architecture and not to distract from the view – the cupboards, bookshelves and kitchen are fitted to blend into the interior. Some furniture was inherited from the family, such as the beautiful patinated leather sofa and the antique baby cot. Other pieces simply showcase contemporary Scandinavian design (such as the lamp over table by Secto Design). 

What are some of the activities you can do on the island? Are there any stand out aspects of the island? 

Channel your inner Viking: kayak to pristine coves or hike or pedal along breath-taking coastline. Hike along uninhabited shores from Eidem to Sundsvoll; cast a line for fish; climb Trollvasstinden mountain for spectacular views of the archipelago; meander to Juvika and Levika, Eidem’s best beaches, spotting wild orchids and seabirds while you stroll – Vega in spring is an ornithologist’s dream. In summer, kayak around the coast – the waters are clear, shallow and great for paddling and snorkelling. Catch the boat to meet Lånan’s unique Eider duck keepers or cycle to Nes to visit the World Heritage centre and E-huset, the Eider House museum.

If you don’t feel like cooking, a gourmet meal and convivial company are only 20 minutes away in Viksås, where award-winning chef Jon Aga and his wife, Ana, run Vega Havhotell with energy and charm. Sustainable, seasonal and local produce sourced fresh each day is transformed into four-course feasts, served with huge helpings of Nordic hygge.

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