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Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty and unique atmosphere of Venice, the Floating City. Whether you're gliding along the picturesque canals on a gondola, admiring the exquisite architecture of St. Mark's Square, or indulging in Venetian cuisine, Venice invites groups to come together and celebrate romance, art, and the captivating charm of this UNESCO World Heritage site.
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Italy, Europe
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The Best Spots for Group Dining
401K Food and Wine
Restaurant / Private DiningVenice, CA
Restaurant / Private DiningVenice, CA
Côté France
Restaurant / Private DiningVenice, CA
Double Zero Venice
Restaurant / Private DiningVenice, CA
Terrazza Danieli
Restaurant / Private DiningVenice, Italy
Club del Doge
Restaurant / Private DiningVenice, Italy
The Gritti Terrace
Restaurant / Private DiningVenice, Italy
Chez Tex
Restaurant / Private DiningVenice, CA

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