10 Great LGBT-Friendly Wedding Venues From Around The World

photo Cap Rocat

In the words of British rock band The Darkness, “I believe in a thing called love.” Thankfully, and with a ground-breaking decision, so does the Supreme Court of the United States #SCOTUS who ruled on Friday, June 26th, 2015 in a 5-4 vote, that the Constitution does indeed support gay marriage. In celebration of such a momentous day, we’ve rounded up our most stunning LGBT-friendly locales to give you a little dose of inspiration for your I-do’s, if and when you decide to marry whomever you choose. Ain’t love grand? #lovewins

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The Oyster Inn

A coastal hideaway just 40 minutes from Auckland this beautiful boutique boasts the kind of intimacy only remote locations with high style can.
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photo Cap Rocat

Cap Rocat

The same rules for Spain apply but this is a beachfront former military fortress. There is something so magical about marrying at a place so massive in stature and historical in significance.


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Domus Civita

First off, this private retreat looks as though it came straight out of one of Indiana Jones’ adventures, an almost mirage-looking miracle. Make sure to pack your sunglasses as the gold glinting off the tufa rocks surrounding the town and the silver inlaid in the basalt streets may overwhelm with its opulence.  One of the most notable and beautiful places on Earth, it’s a place to be lost… and found in again.  Did we mention the indoor cave pool?

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photo ION Luxury Adventure Hotel

ION Luxury Adventure Hotel

Imagine intimate I-do's under the Northern Lights or gathering your group for a getaway so gorgeous and filled with adventure you'll be telling your grandchildren about it one day. Fun Fact: Same-sex marriage has been legal in Iceland since 2010.

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photo San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos

San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the “Big 4” gay summer resort destinations in Europe. It’s even rumored that Jackie Onassis put Mykonos on the map as one of the chicest islands to travel to. The gay community followed back in the ’70s when her and her entourage frequented the island.

Photo credit: San Girorgio Mykonos

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photo Rayavadee Krabi

Rayavadee Krabi

Although Thailand has not yet legalized gay marriage, gay wedding ceremonies can take place here under Buddhist law. This five star beachfront resort has every luxurious amenity you could imagine: the topper? It sure will be a wonderful wedding day at they’re gorgeous limestone grotto: fancy lingo for "cave venue on the beach."

Photo Credit: Rayavadee Krabi
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photo Matakauri Lodge

Matakauri Lodge

New Zealand was the first Asia-Pacific nation to legalize gay marriage and making it the 13th country in the world (at the time) to do so. At the time of the vote in 2013, over 1000 Australian couples were expected to make the trip to legalize their unions.
This luxurious lakeside lodge is set in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful settings we’ve ever seen. This five-star lodge has hosted royalty and billionaires – the Owner’s Cottage is listed as one of the finest suites in the world. Besides the magnificent mountain views, your personal concierge will assist you in planning your perfect party as well as arranging your group’s activities for the week (end) in Queenstown, New Zealand’s adventure capital. Photo credit: Jonas Peterson Photography
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photo Experimental Beach Ibiza

Experimental Beach Ibiza

Spain has recently passed legislation that ensures all same-sex couples can have a legally binding civil ceremony if one of them is registered as resident. If neither are residents one could choose to hold a blessing ceremony following your binding marriage in your home country.

Why not choose the pulse-pounding party perfect Ibiza locale? With endless days of sunshine and beautiful beaches, this oceanfront oasis beckons for any and all bohemian beach babes to bust our their best dance moves and do up their “I-do’s” under a sweet Spanish sunset

Photo by Natalie Beth Harris

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photo Capri TIberio Palace

Capri TIberio Palace

Though gay marriage is not recognized in Italy, that shouldn’t deter a couple looking to wed in this luxe land. A civil union in the couple’s home state should take care of the legality, but Italy is quickly becoming a hotspot for performing LGBT commitment ceremonies and with the legalization of gay marriage in Ireland, a predominantly Catholic country,  many social commentators are saying Italy isn’t far behind.

Photo: Capri Tiberio Palace

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photo Freegate Island

Freegate Island

Not satisfied with a simple hotel takeover? How about your own private island? Talk about a serious commitment ceremony. Step one: Invite everyone you know. Step two: commence party. Rent the whole island and go Swiss Family Robinson - or stay in one of the private residences or Banyan Tree Estate. Either way, with lush, local exotic fruits, an extensive rum collection and onsite chapel, "marry" making on this island has all the ingredients for a heavenly elixir.



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