17 of Charleston’s Most Romantic and Historic Wedding Venues

The Carolinas hold a piece of every Southerner’s heart. And Charleston, being the quintessential charming Southern town it is, certainly ranks at the top of that heart strung list. Allow us to break it down in terms everyone can relate to: The Notebook was filmed here. If that doesn’t describe the sweet Americana vibe you get on the streets of Charleston, just picture the giant overhanging oak trees and delightful hospitality South Carolina is known for. And then picture the most famous American love story of the 21st century taking place in the middle of that.

While Noah and Allie roamed the streets scoping out movie theaters and laying under traffic lights, you might find yourselves instead looking for a gorgeous wedding venue in Charleston. In such a case, we’ve searched near and far for the best wedding spots in South Carolina that run the gamut from boutique hotels to old plantation homes. If a sweet Southern wedding is on your wishlist, check out these top wedding venues in and around Charleston.

By: Alyssa Brown

Venue: Middleton Place
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