Top 40 Greenhouse, Glasshouse, & Conservatory Venues Across The Globe!

Going green can mean a multitude of things when it comes to talking about your wedding, a birthday, or maybe something as simple as an afternoon lunch with your girls. Maybe your wedding dress is made of natural materials, your birthday cake is made with 100% organic ingredients, and you had GMO-free spinach for lunch. Yes, going green can mean all of those things, but the green we’re referring to when talking about these magical days is the location. That’s right, you caught us! Greenhouse and glasshouse venues are full of all sorts of botanicals that you probably didn’t even know existed! Set yourself up to wed, party, or relax all while surrounded by a variety of plants, flowers, trees, gardens, cobblestone pathways, and ocean views! You know that scene in ‘The Sound Of Music’ where Julie Andrews sings, “The Hills Are Alive” and she’s spinning in front of the mountains with her arms wide open because everything is just so wonderful? Check out these 40 incredible greenhouse, glasshouse and conservatory event spaces, we have a feeling you may soon be spinning in joy too. 

Written By Jordan Willner
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Get lost in what could easily be mistaken for a magical jungle, but is in fact, a beautifully glass-enclosed botanical garden. With a variety of plants and flowers, koi ponds nearby and clear view of the stars this romantic and tropical conservatory is the ideal spot for a unique and stylish gathering.
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Walking into this gorgeous hotspot in LA it’s easy to forget that you’re not a member of an exclusive private club. The gorgeous greenhouse is the setting for The Line Hotel's restaurant hotspot, Commissary, just aching for a Sunday brunch, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. Between the glistening pool set besides the stunning greenhouse and the fascinatingly diverse café found on the 2nd floor, this location is ideal for a day out with friends enjoying the sun and mimosas or even hosting a chic “backyard” BBQ.
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The Foundry

Foundry literally means “a workshop for casting metal,” which is perfectly acceptable considering it is the industrial look that gives this stunning venue its charm and style. With the options of a spectacular main space, a dazzling interior greenhouse, a dreamy terrace with Manhattan views, and a courtyard area made perfect for dancing, this one of a kind spot is perfect for a seated dinner of 165 or even a cocktail party of 200!
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Delight in this 300 year-old distillery and hand-craft a chic and spirited celebration.  Bombay Sapphire took great care in renovating what was once known as the Laverstoke Mill. In fact, there has been a Mill on site in Laverstoke since at least 903 AD. In 1719 it was turned into a fine-quality hand-crafted paper mill and now it delights in distilling some of the world's smoothest gin. Imagine a gorgeous gala, cool corporate event or wondrous wedding in this glass-encased distillery!
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photo Amy Meier

Terrain at glen mills (owned by anthropologie)

Food and fashion are among two of the greatest things in life and there is nothing better than being able to bring them together as one. This rustic location houses a garden, café, and historic building... and is also a sister company to Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, and BHLD. With its uniquely designed interiors and colorful outdoors – thanks to the array of flowers that come with each season – this vintage and chic Terrain is a dream setting for any occasion.
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Would you prefer to host an event in an elegant, outdoor garden? How about a formal, French garden? Maybe a Special Events Hall? Take your pick at what’s known as one of the nation’s oldest and largest Victorian Greenhouses. This charming and tropical (sustainable too, might we add) conservatory has a multitude of stunning views ranging from glistening waterfalls to the enchanting tropical forest, making this a top pick for a variety of events.
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Kildare, Ireland
While the Village at Lyons dates back to the seventeenth century, the spot where this spectacular property stands has been around since the ancient seventh century. This extraordinary Irish village was built directly on the original site of an ancient town and castle that were destroyed during the war of 1641. Walking through this historic spot today, you’ll find an exquisite restaurant and cafe, a fine cooking school, gorgeously decorated hotel suites, and a restored mill which has allowed the outdoors to live inside. Hold a vintage wedding, like this one designed by Pearl & Godiva, at this rustic mill with views of an adjacent waterfall creating an ultimate setting for a memorable day, or, prepare a meal with some of your best friends at a private cooking class offered by the school. 


Houston, TX
This London-imported conservatory is the ultimate wedding venue fit for a King and Queen. With both indoor and outdoor options, intertwine the two for an unforgettable night. With its winding walkways bordered by beautifully manicured flowers and a romantic gazebo ahead, the garden makes for a perfect wedding ceremony. Follow that up by bringing your crew inside the conservatory for an after party where you will find a massive space accented with Victorian-styled lamps and iron gates.
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After seeing what this desert inspired glass-enclosed greenhouse has to offer, we’re considering exchanging our Coachella tickets for plane tickets to Driftwood, Texas. Not only does this exquisite greenhouse feature an assortment of lush and native desert plants (cacti, cycads, succulents, and orchids to name a few), but attention to conservation and sustainability is of huge importance. Desert setting, sophisticated, classic, and eco-friendly, this location is so uniquely perfect for anything from a casual evening with friends to a formal black-tie affair.
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Starling Lane Vineyard

Victoria, BC
Starling Lane Vineyard has an enchanting greenhouse venue and a barn in Victoria, British Columbia. The charming old world farm location is filled with flower beds, greenery and vineyards for the dreamiest of dance parties or dinner feasts. 
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Treat yourself like royalty at this stunning and notable 19th century manor. Once home to the grandson of a king, this enchanted estate is surrounded by elegant gardens with views of mountains peaks, perfect for hosting a casual, yet polished garden tea or even a formal and classic outdoor wedding.
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Barr Mansion

When you go to a bar for drinks there’s always a chance the night can turn sour. When you head to Barr Mansion you know exactly what the experience is going to be – stylish, chic, and romantic. Sign us up!  This rustic, Victorian mansion prides itself on deep Texan Roots dating back to 1898. Known for their eye-catchingly green gardens and their remarkable, floor-to-ceiling glass-walled artisan ballroom, this organic and captivating estate is perfect for the smallest of gatherings or an extravagant wedding of 300. 

Anthony Chapel, Garvan Woodland Gardens

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas
Hiding in the towering trees of Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas, sits the most majestic masterpiece of a chapel. Anthony Chapel, Garvan Woodland Gardens has floor-to-ceiling glass walls presenting picturesque views of the surrounding woodlands.  
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Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Forty-eight feet into the sky and you can see everything, and no, we’re not talking about airplane views, we’re talking about this stunning woodland set wedding chapel that is literally forty-eight feet tall in Arkansas. Containing over 400 windows and 6,000 sq. ft. of glass, this gorgeous sanctuary rests on 100 tons of native stone and colors flagstone. Critics have named this spot “one of the finest religious spaces of modern times,” making it a more than suitable location for a dream wedding. 
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There's a magical place where the ocean meets an enchanted forest and the perfection of it is simply exquisite. An organic design ensures it is as much a part of it's surroundings as if it always was and always will just be there. Expect beautiful rooms to sleep in with warm woods and luxurious textiles, a fabulous spa to relax at, organic and tasteful restaurants to dine at, and topnotch spaces to celebrate in. The Greenhouse is a venue space fragrant with herbs & vegetables, serving as a warm and welcoming space for your guests whether it be a milestone birthday or intimate, soul-infused wedding.  
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When we think of trendy our minds envision all things artsy… we’re thinking popular restaurants, cool nightlife, historic hotels, possibly in the heart of the Los Angeles Art District. We are so pleased to announce that a place this amazing actually does exist! With its tropical set indoor and outdoor gardens, impressive reception hall, and eclectic courtyard, this formerly abandoned building makes for an awesome spot to host anything from a birthday party to a gorgeous and green focused charity event.
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Cork, Ireland
If you’re still searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it’s probably because you haven’t made it to this breathtakingly beautiful Irish spot.  This country themed manor rests on 500 acres of wooded land and offers up some of the most beautiful views capital E ever, making it a popular location for any kind of event. Let us plan out an ideal birthday weekend for you. It goes as follows: Day/Night One, throw an outrageously amazing party (to celebrate you, of course) at the newly restored conservatory (with all of its greenery and gorgeousness, you can’t go wrong). Day/Night 2: Recover from that fabulous party by taking an evening stroll or even playing a round of golf while overlooking the beautiful and calming outdoors. Finally, on your last day/night, we suggest you rest easy and relax by the fire.
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photo The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria is a stunning garden event venue in Alexandria, Australia. Have the most gorgeous garden party  heirloom vegetables, blossoming flowers, fresh herbs and an abundance of seasonal fruits! 
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Brooklyn, NY
Connecting people to the world of plants is what this stunning and urban garden is all about. Founded in the early 1900’s you would never guess that this spectacular and highly sought after venue was once an ash dump - talk about a phoenix rising from the proverbial ashes! Today, with over ten gardens filled with colorful plants from all over the world, five glass-enclosed conservatories, and wildlife flocking nearby, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is a must for a bright and spirited occasion of any sort. So gather your bests for a quiet stroll through these parks or hold a breezy and peaceful wedding amidst the botanicals and chirping birds.
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Palm House Botanic Garden

Sydney, Australia
The Palm house greenhouse venue in Sydney was erected in 1876 and is the oldest glasshouse in New South Wales! Flooded with natural light, the Palm House sits in a beautiful garden setting perfect for long rustic feasting tables adorned with greenery. 
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Hurricane, Utah
This greenhouse in Utah is not only full of a variety of lush and fragrant botanicals, but it also receives a gorgeous warm light from the sun in the angles you know you want. Natural light, fragrance from the flowers, and color all around is what makes this romantic nursery a top-notch location for a classic gathering of any sort.
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You know your're in the right place when it "feels like a house party out of Downton Abbey" - Veranda Magazine.
A five-star luxury country house in the heart of Ireland - it's nothing short of a pastoral paradise. With over 600 acres of ancient forests, gardens & magnificent mountains throw the gathering of your dreams. Bonus? The glass-walled, tropical Conservatory is accessible ONLY by a mirrored doorway hidden behind a bookcase in the Library. Talk about gathering cool, especially when you add in dream planners Pearl & Godiva who designed this wedding. 
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photo Elysian


The motto “less is more” hits close to home at this beautifully open and intimate gathering spot. Gather your group of fun friends and get excited to eat the yummiest of food and dance to the coolest of music. With 2,000 sq. ft. of indoor space and 4,800 sq. ft. of perfectly manicured gardens, this gem of a spot is great for any occasion!
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Philadelphia, PA
Cherry blossoms, and magnolias, and succulents, oh my! With its rustic and historical look, this stunning center is home to a Japanese Tea House, multiple gardens, and an over the top greenhouse featuring rare and exotic plants from all over. This spot is ideal for a picturesque wedding of up to 200! Hold an extravagant wedding party inside the stunning greenhouse venue and even head outside for an unbelievable photo-shoot (maybe even a few selfies for Instagram) on the bridge that overlooks the entire park!
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We see London, we see France… in New Jersey! This gorgeous and French inspired greenhouse offers a multitude of both indoor and outdoor spaces that give the feeling that you have been transported to the French countryside. From the beautiful barn, to the breathtaking glass greenhouses, to the formal gardens, you have a variety of captivating choices to host anything from a themed dinner party to a French-inspired wedding.
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Pacifica, CA
'SEA’se the day (wedding day, birthday, get-together with friends just because day) at this fabulous and stylish beachside arboretum that offers the best of both worlds by allowing you to party in the jungle and get lost at "sea." This spectacular location allows for gathering at one of the multiple greenhouses on the property, while simultaneously overlooking the blue crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. If you feel like it you can even take a romantic beachside stroll (seriously…it’s walking distance)!
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Barbican Conservatory

One of the most spectacular and swoonworthy greenhouses we've maybe ever seen, for SERIOUS. Hidden away in bustling London is a peaceful jungle paradise giving us all the tropical feels. With more than 2,000 species of tropical plants, birds and exotic fish, this luscious oasis will leave you and your guests awe-inspired and yet still feel like an intimate space. The adjoining Garden Room, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Barbican Lakeside, St Giles Church and the cityscape of London, can seat up to 250 guests. 

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photo Eyekah Foto


Newmarket, ON, Canada
Canada is known for it's outdoor beauty, but at times Mother Nature can be unpredictable, often expressing herself with sunshine one minute and rain another. No need to worry about that at this stunner! Experience the Canadian outdoors, rain or shine, inside of this elegant glass-enclosed greenhouse. This unique and large spot is set as a tropical paradise complete with illuminating ceiling lights. With its rustic and classic atmosphere, you can keep it simple for a small gathering or get creative for an over-the-top black tie affair.
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New York, New York
Set in the famous Gramercy Park Hotel in New York, is Gramercy Terrace, a rooftop garden oasis. With views of the Manhattan skyline this stunning greenhouse event space is open and airy with lush palms and fern-filled vibes. The roof retracts for a stargazing party under the sky while sipping on cocktails and popping champagne. 
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New Mexico
Set your inner flower child free by hosting an event at this desert-set, New Mexico greenhouse! Full of a variety of desert-y greens, including cacti, elephant trees, yucca, and creosote, this prickly plant palace is perfect for anyone looking for an unconventional (in the best kind of way) and earthy themed venue. Green isn’t the only color you’ll find here. Start or finish your celebration by catching the sky at sunset with its watercolor hues. Get creative and throw in some desert-inspired appetizers and cocktails to complete the night!
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Founded in the late 1600s, this historical gem is one of Cape Dutch's oldest and most well-preserved fabulous farms.  Named for the ancient gardens of Babylon, boasting over 300 species of plants, fruits & vegetables, with a "pick and serve" mentality, your tastebuds will sing with the freshness of whatever's currently in season. Babylonstoren is also a garden spa, outdoor restaurant as well as home to stylish classic-meets-modern suites.  The Greenhouse, at the rear of the garden, is the perfect spot to sit under under the shade of oak trees and enjoy an informal, picnic of tea and buttermilk scones or a maybe artisanal breads with handcrafted cheeses and dressed meats served with homemade herb oils, chutneys, preserves and relishes.  It's an ideal spot for a twilight dinner or a magical spot for a gathering you'll never forget, with good friends.
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Shady Lane is surrounded by enchanted forests and gardens that engulf this spectacular estate. With a whopping 34 acres, this historic property is comprised of buildings from three different centuries, and while each have their own story to tell, the commonality between them can be found in the gorgeous stonework and cobblestone design.  With its beautifully landscaped gardens, grand white frame tent featuring two crystal chandeliers, and nearby fire-pits, this bohemian spot is great for an extravagant night of dancing or even a low-key get together full of stories and s’mores (yum)!
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Petersham Nurseries

Richmond, United Kingdom
The famous oasis, Petersham Nurseries is not to be missed. This seedbed of inspiration hosts workshops, wine pairing classes, brunches and more. If you can't make it to one of these fun fern-filled events then host a dinner party in their glasshouse restaurant filled with flowers, antiques and plants or host a bridal brunch with homemade cakes in the teahouse! 
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Chicago, IL
This spectacular conservatory features not one, not two, but six multi-faceted greenhouses and two grand exhibition halls full of an array of dramatic and colorful botanicals. Enclose yourself on your wedding day in one of the glass spaces with its wooden arches, and surrounding green, yellow, and pink flowers. John Lennon once said, “love is like a precious plant,” so add to your love story by making this your dreamy and romantic wedding spot.
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This Victorian Conservatory and museum set in South London is home to a spectacular secret garden and well, you need to know about it in a MAJOR way.  Set on acres of award-winning gardens, the glass conservatory is a unique and utterly beautiful place to host anything from a magical ceremony to a delightful dinner party. With many venues options within the museum and gardens, rent out the property in it's entirety or find a sweet corner and make it your own. 


Wilmington, Deleware
If you’re enthralled by 19th century gothic literature and have the ability to envision the beautiful architecture and the deep romances surely within, this is the place for you. Live your fairytale by creating your own storybook wedding at this gorgeous Gothic-inspired manor featuring large glass doors, stunning landscaped gardens full of color, and dreamy pathways perfect for saying “I-Do.”


Baltimore, MD
If themed parties are your go-to, then this spot was made for you! Offering up to five different greenhouses, you can choose from hosting an event in the Palm House, the Orchid Room, the Mediterranean House, the Tropical House, or the Desert House – talk about diversity! While each room has its own unique identity, the common theme amongst them all are the gorgeous walkways, secluded benches, array of botanicals, and of course the ability to provide a picturesque setting for an over-the-top wedding, birthday, social function, or charity event!
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Canandaigua, NY
Featuring flower-filled gardens, grandiose green trees, a dazzling mansion, and of course the stunning greenhouse, it is no wonder this 50-acre Victorian-styled estate is often a first choice for many soon to be married couples. If you’d prefer something a bit more casual then we suggest you take advantage of this public-friendly historic park and fold up your gingham blanket, whip up an effortless and tasty snack (we’re thinking cheese and crackers), and enjoy a pleasant afternoon picnic with some of your bests.
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Asheville, North Carolina
Leave your cocoon for a stunning terraced butterfly garden found only at this amazingly gorgeous conservatory venue in Ashevill, North Carolina. With its tall arched windows overlooking gardens upon gardens filled with exotic plants, it is hard to not fall head over heels in love with this place. Did we mention that this stunning establishment was built with pointed glass roofs allowing for an abundance of natural light? With both indoor and outdoor options (take your pick), this glasshouse can hold a small and intimate gathering of 10 or large and happenin’ party of 75.
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