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25 Tiny Hotels Proving Small is Bigger Than Ever

photo: Pelayo Díaz
From tiny suites to small motels to mini architectural projects, we’re talking all things tiny hotel. We’ve found the world’s smallest hotel (hint: it’s above a pub), treehouses along the California coastline and pop-up globes in vineyards. Any style of vacationing you’re into, there’s bound to be a tiny sleeping option to match. So, here’s New Year’s wishing to micro nesting being a thing we see more of in the 2018 hotel world.
Reporter: Alyssa Brown | Location: Hotel Aire de Bardenas
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Central Hotel & Café

Located just above a tiny café in Copenhagen’s lively Vesterbro neighborhood, this tiny hotel is known to be the world’s smallest hotel. With one suite only, Central Hotel is decked out as only the Danes can do – it’s cozy, colorful and perfectly styled.
Photo: Jen Kay
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Treebones Resort

Big Sur, California
Big Sur’s Treebones is known for its awesome yurts set right along the Pacific Coast. Sunset is pretty epic at this tiny hotel that’s also home to treehouses, campsites and organic gardens.
Photo: Jesus Frayre
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Blue Sky Center learn more

A cozy bed, loads of space along the central coast, gorgeous styling and a bit of an artists’ buzz make Blue Sky Center paradise for tiny hotel loving creatives. There’s less than a handful of crash pads here but each packs a whole lot of architectural punch.
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Getaway House

New York
Escape to the Catskills and nestle up in one of these little Hudson River sweet spots. Getaway House offers a city escape that takes big-time advantage of the unspoiled wilderness surrounding it.
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Bergaliv Landscape Hotel

Located in the hills of Sweden’s Asberget Mountain, Bergaliv loft house provides visitors with an epic view of the surrounding countryside. Falling easily into the category of a tiny hotel, this spot has accommodations for just one couple at a time. A true retreat, we say.
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Free Spirit Spheres

British Columbia, Canada
Wake up with your head in the trees at this British Colombia hideaway. Built into the forest’s treetops, the Free Spirit Spheres are like little glamping pods floating off the ground.
Photo: Vipp Shelter
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Vipp Shelter

Nestled in the woods beside Lake Immeln in Sweden, this all-steel modular house features sliding glass door walls that’ll make you feel like you’re fully immersed in nature from the comfort of a gorgeous abode. An experiential project by Danish steel company Vipp, this tiny shelter sleeps two.
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Hotel Aire de Bardenas

Tudela, Spain
Bubble hotels are all the rage in tiny hotel planning, and these Spanish barbujas make for quite the place to gaze at the stars above.
Photo: Carlay Page
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Riad Mena & Beyond

Marrakech, Morocco
Sure, the palaces of Marrakech are attention-getters, but this tiny boutique stay offers gorgeous digs with all the charms of an intimate getaway. Riad Mena and Beyond is a six-bedroom home that’s been turned into a hotel that kind of feels like your own itty-bitty palace.
Photo: ContainHotel
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Czech Republic
Set alongside the banks of the Elbe River in the Czech Republic, the aptly named ContainHotel is made up of shipping containers. The tiny hotel has five suites and sleeps up to 13 guests at a time.
Photo: Mike Corey
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Tubo Tulum

Tulum, Mexico
New hotels are always popping up in ever-popular Tulum. Tubo Tulum offers a cool tiny stay that gets you outside the classic hotel box and into a concrete tubular structure. Think glamping but in a more mod setup.
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Manshausen Island Resort learn more

With four glass sea cabins overlooking the fjords of Norway, Manshausen Island is the kind of tiny luxury resort dreams are made of. With gorgeous modern architecture, a library full of old National Geographic Magazines, a saltwater pool and sauna, this spot is lit.
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Photo: Bea B&B
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Bea B&B

A classically Belgian getaway, this stylishly design tiny hotel includes a master suite, a mezzanine with two beds and a cozy terrace room too. More like a gorgeous homestead than a hotel, this spot would be easy to take over with your traveling crew in tow.
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Surfhouse learn more

Set in Encinitas, this surf motel is just the right size to feel like your own secret getaway. With just eight rooms set a block from the beach, the collection of surfboards and beach cruisers is bigger than the room selection.
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Photo: Lisa Dengler
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Encuentro Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California
Tiny hotel but not so tiny views are what we’re all about and Encuentro Guadalupe does not disappoint. An architectural gem overlooking the vast landscape of Ensenada, this spot will have the instant approval of any design snob.
Photo:Pablo Vázquez
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Vivood Landscape Hotels

First and foremost a place of sustainable architecture and lifestyle, Vivood Landscape Hotel gives guests a look at not just the stunning Guadalest Valley but the eco-friendly life too. Spain knows how to do small hotels right, eh?
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The Brentwood Hotel learn more

This collection of a dozen suites in upstate NY has us packing our bags and lacing up our hiking boots. Located in Saratoga Springs, these cozy cool digs are chic enough to hole up for a few days in the mountains.
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Autocamp - Santa Barbara learn more

A real Santa Barbara gem, Autocamp is easily one of the best kept secrets in Southern California. This enclave of airstream trailers and camping grounds is within walking distance to the beach and it’s small enough to be totally chill.
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Photo: PurePods
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New Zealand
This collection of five glass-walled pods are strewn about the New Zealand countryside outside Christchurch. Each location has its own vibe, so a trip to each in a week’s time might just be the way to go.
Photo: Malin Longva
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Juvet Hotel

With rooms built right into the landscape, this Norwegian getaway offers a first-rate look at the gorgeous surrounds. With all the comforts of a cozy perch, these cube suites on stilts look out onto gorges, valleys and a winding river below.
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FlopHouze learn more

Round Top’s hottest accommodation for flea market treasure hunters, FlopHouze offers six shipping container sleeping units on a sprawling Texas ranch. Grab your girlfriends and make a weekend out of shopping the 12,000 square foot on-site antique warehouse and hanging under the big starry skies.
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Photo: Snoozebox
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United Kingdom
Feeling inspired by all things tiny? Snoozebox is an awesome shipping container service you might hire for a major event or to have a mini accommodation on your own property. Hello, guest cottage.
Photo: The Pod
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The Pod

Tiny rooms are the jam at this Singapore hotel. Almost like being inside an overnight train, The Pod rooms are the smallest thing about this spot.
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DROP box

Modular homes you can get your head around, the Drop Box by Intenta Design offers you the ability to pop up a cottage any place you’d like. Why invest in camping gear when you can create a tiny hotel of your own, exactly as you’d want it?
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Fireside Resort

Jackson, Wyoming
Jackson Hole’s go-to for tiny hotel glamping, Fireside Resort has a handful of accommodation types that are all different types of free-standing cabins. The new Kamp Cabins have that sleek pre-fab look we’re ogling over.
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