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Float In the Forest With Your Very Own Spherical Treehouse

What's round in design and sleeps amongst the trees? The suspended spherical treehouses designed and innovated by Free Spirit Spheres, also known as your next birthday destination. For the outdoorsy folk, lodging in a suspended treehouse burrowed in nature is enough of a bucket list adventure - but nature does not end in your Free Spirit Sphere. The surrounding area serves as outdoor stomping grounds filled with adventurous activities like kayaking and hiking.

Cozy up in nature's man-made pods. Get the crew and go hiking. Celebrate your birthday amongst the trees and stars. 

Photography by Local Wanderer


​The Design ​
Free Spirit Spheres is the first and only manufacturer of spherical treehouses which means their science is your art. Each spherical treehouse was designed meticulously with the fusion of treehouse and sailboat construction techniques. The spherical construction is what they like to call a "uniwall" since the sphere has only two walls: the inside and the outside. Climb into your nature oasis through a spiral stairway or raised walkway, all secured by the safety of a suspension bridge.

The Decor
Out of the three spherical getaways, two are made of wood, Eve and Eryn. Specifically, yellow cedar and Sitka spruce. Their newest treehouse, Melody, is made from yellow fiberglass which was molded from Eryn's shell. Inside, enjoy simple, elegant and natural design. And of course, these mini treehouses are completely functional with beds (loft, static or movable), closet space and even a galley area in Eryn. Each spherical treehouse has something different to offer, from one to two person guest designs, meaning your birthday can be spent in solitude, with your partner-in-crime or even with an intimate group of friends.

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Accommodations & Amenities ​
Free Spirit Spheres includes conventional bathrooms, a sauna, a barbecue and galley kitchen, speakers for late night sing-a-longs and yes, even wifi. With a quaint and charming cabin on property, any needs that cannot be met amongst the trees are sure to be fulfilled on camp grounds. 

​​​Life Outside the Sphere​
These spherical treehouses are housed between Qualicum Beach and Lighthouse Country in British Colombia, Canada. Your birthday trip is about to accelerate from just waking up in the trees. Neighboring outdoor activities include sea kayaking, zip lining, beach days, walking trails and even Horne Lake Cave tours. We have a feeling your friends will also want to take advantage of the adventurous surroundings. Looks like you might be taking over Eve, Eryn and Melody - the whole treehouse forest!

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​Explore more camping/glamping spots here →


Photography by Local Wanderer 


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