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3 New Year Travel Resolutions & How to Keep Them

Every traveler has their own travel style and preferences, and we’ve been spending a lot of time chatting with travelers about their new year’s resolutions and how to incorporate travel into those ideas. We’re resolving to push our personal boundaries, to immerse ourselves in foreign culture and to give back to the places where we travel. From life-changing hikes through Patagonia, to meeting local artisans in Oaxaca, to engaging in humanitarian work in Sri Lanka, here are our top travel selections to fulfill each of those 2018 resolutions

Reporter: Alyssa Brown
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Resolution: "To push my boundaries"

The resolution for the avid adventurer – you've seen it all (well a lot of it, at least) and are ready to go deeper, chellenge yourself, see new sights and take the out-of-the-box vacation. Zipline through a remote rainforest or sleep suspended off the side of a cliff in 2018 with this resolution. 
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Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef learn more

Push your personal boundaries with a fit focused trip to Western Australia, where you can spend your days snorkeling, swimming, deep sea diving along the Ningaloo Reef, hiking sand dunes, and paddleboarding. Sal Salis is a great base camp with a safari vibe as only Australia can offer (read: kangaroos aplenty).
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Photo: Sasha Juliard
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Ecocamp Patagonia learn more

If you’ve ever chatted with someone who has recently come back from a Patagonia hiking trip, you remember the glow they had from pushing their own boundaries to make it happen. For comfort’s sake, book your trek and accommodation with Ecocamp and you’re sure to hit all the highlights.
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Photo: Josh Squire
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Gibbon Experience

Don’t listen to TLC, y’all, you go chase those waterfalls this year. Located in a national forest in Laos, Gibbon Experience brings you waterfalls, miniature monkeys and zipline-access-only treehouses. Push your own comfort level to places you never dreamed of.
Photo: Emma Skye
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Remote camping in the desert

Set up camp in the desert because there’s no better way to see the stars and feel connected to the earth. Whether you pop up a tent in Joshua Tree or the Sahara, a few days amongst sand dunes will have you feeling deeply rooted in the new year.
Photo: moody_d
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Peru SkyLodge

Facing your fear of heights head-on in the new year? Make a stay at Peru’s SkyLodge your end-of-year goal. This glass-walled pod dangles on the edge of a cliff and features the best views of the Peruvian Andes and Sacred Valley of the Incas.
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Resolution: “To leave a positive impact behind”

The resolution for the conscious traveler – luxurious escapes have a time and a place but in 2018, you're ready to go the extra mile and make sure your time counts. With the environment and global communities in mind, your travels aim to leave even the smallest of positive impacts behind. 
Photo: Amber Mozo
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Teach in Ghana, Africa

Ghana, Africa
Teaching is a wonderful way to leave an impact on a community that will be felt for years to come. Head to Ghana and work with the local kiddos on whatever suits your skillset.
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Eco Green Village

Bali, Indonesia
Eco-tourism is always a hot ticket to paradise and it’ll make you feel good about leaving a positive impact in the process. Bali’s Green Village is nestled in the rainforest and offers classes in bamboo house building. Add learn how to build a bamboo house to your 2018 resolutions!
Photo: Ja Su
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Volunteer Abroad Programs

Pick your travel agenda via volunteer abroad and you’re sure to leave a positive impact on the community of your choosing. Humanitarian work with International Volunteer HQ might have you teaching in Africa, working with the elderly in Sri Lanka or developing eco-conservation programs in Guatemala.
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Playa Viva Turtle Sanctuary learn more

Save the baby turtles! Playa Viva is a turtle sanctuary that’s always looking for people to throw hands into the task of nursing baby turtles from birth to incubation and returning them to the sea. Sounds like the kind of positive impact with bonus cute animal feel good vibes you’re looking for in 2018.
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Resolution: “To immerse myself in another culture”

The resolution for the knowledge seeker – you know that travel is one of the only things money can buy that makes you richer, so you're looking to expand your knowledge of other cultures in 2018. Food, art, design, tradition and lifestyle are all subjects you seek to learn about to enrich yourself and everyone around you. 
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Cultural bliss is yours to find in soulful Morocco. With its amazing marketplaces, handcrafted goods and fragrant streets, this is a destination that keeps you guessing and ensures you’ll do some soul searching in the process.
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Supporting this incredible indigenous culture post-earthquake may touch on your philanthropic resolution as much as your need to absorb a culture. The ancient civilization of Oaxaca is rich with culture, artisanal spirit and food like you’ve never experienced.
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Japan tows the line of modern and ancient as you drop into tiny towns and mega cities. Each abundant in cultural riches, you’re sure to find yourself basking in the glory of a place that’s so storied.
Photo: Hannes Becker
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Italian cultural immersion is perhaps best done in its smaller towns. The Alpine village of Merano in South Tyrol promises a deep dive into the local mountain village scene alongside epic mountain views.
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Amanbagh learn more

The ancient architecture, flavorful cuisine and abundance of colorful sights and cities to explore put India at the top of our New Year travel bucket list. Go for the personal growth because it’s the kind of place that’s quick to make you feel immersed in the culture, stay for the eats.
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