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5 Reasons You Should Plan an Anniversary Shoot ASAP

photo: Ashley Cook
Some of the best mementos of your engagement and wedding day are the photos you get to keep, share and look back on that instantly transport you to that exciting time. What about after the big day happens? What can you look back on that tells the story of your married life? Enter the anniversary shoot. Whether you've been married for one year or sixty-five years, an anniversary shoot not only gives you new memories to cherish but also serves as a reminder of your enduring love beyond the butterflies of the wedding. 

Brought to life by A & B Creative's Rebekah Carey, Jenya and Brandon's three year anniversary was the perfect opportunity to capture the wedding photos they never had while embarking on a new adventure on the foggy coast of Oregon. We caught up with both Rebekah and Jenya about the day and why every couple should plan an anniversary shoot at some point in their marriage. 

Creative Direction & Styling: Rebekah Carey of A & B Creative | Photography: Ashley Cook | Paper Design: Studio Luzance | Flowers: Selva Floral | Gown: Lena Medoyeff | Bridal Veil: Melinda Rose 
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Fall in Love All Over Again

"It can be a time to reconnect and fall in love all over again. We did a 10 year anniversary shoot and it brought back all the butterflies that I had on our wedding day. I got to put my gown back on and dance on the beach. My husband said, 'After 10 years and 2 children it's fun to see that 20 year old girl I married 10 years ago. It brought back great memories and made me love you even more.'" - Rebekah Carey of A & B Creative
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Enjoy Private Moments of Reconnection

"It was different than just the typical beach shoot. The stone structure gave it an old world feel. It was an open park but not very known in Oregon, so it offered a quiet and intimate space for the couple to reconnect and enjoy the experience of having their portraits taken without many people lurking about and watching." - Rebekah Carey of A & B Creative
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Capture the Wedding Photos You Always Wanted

"For this couple, an anniversary shoot meant a time for them to be in wedding attire and have the wedding portraits they never got. They got married but never had traditional wedding garb or photos, so it was really special to be a part of their anniversary session where they were both giddy at seeing the other in wedding clothes despite having been married for three years already!" - Rebekah Carey of A & B Creative
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Connect Over New Experiences & Places

"We all love the Oregon coast and wanted to capture its beauty while still giving the shoot a unique feel. When Rebekah found the path to this stone building we were all in love with it. The day of the shoot the fog rolled in and while it was a bummer we couldn't see the coast it did offer a beautiful setting for the shoot and added a bit more mood and drama to it." - Jenya, Bride
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Turn the Shoot into the Ultimate Date

"Because let's face it, life gets crazy and sometimes couples can forget to stop and remember why they love each other. Or just simply forget to look into each other eyes and say "I love you." I tell my couples to make a date out of it! After our session go out to dinner, see a movie or just unplug from your phones and go for a walk together." - Rebekah Carey of A & B Creative

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