This 65th Anniversary Shoot Proves Love Knows No Age
  We're big fans of romantic photoshoots around here whether it's for an engagement, elopement or anniversary. When we saw this photoshoot for a 65th wedding anniversary, our hearts all but melted. Planned just in time...
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We're big fans of romantic photoshoots around here whether it's for an engagement, elopement or anniversary. When we saw this photoshoot for a 65th wedding anniversary, our hearts all but melted. Planned just in time for Valentine's Day, this couple's grandaughter submitted their love story to a group a creatives who were planning to gift the photoshoot to one lucky couple. Upon reading about their sweet and enduring love story, it was clear who the winner was. Situated in the woods with a cozy loveseat and table set-up, Elena and Amzie were right at home in front of the camera... or maybe it's that they didn't care the camera was there and just acted as themselves. 

We caught up with Elena and Amzie's granddaughter, Sara of Maura Jane Photography and Lauren of Just Lovely Wedding & Event Planning about this love story and creating this day for this special couple who proves love knows no age.

From couple's grandaughter:

What is your grandparents love story?

           My grandparents have been together for a total of 64 years, and married for 57 years. My grandma was fourteen when she joined her church youth group, and it was in this youth group that she was introduced to my grandpa. One day my grandpa invited her to go on a trip to Chicago with the youth group. She didn’t know it at the time, but he had been interested in her from the first day she arrived at church, and he thought that traveling together would allow them to spend some quality time with one another. They sat together in the backseat as they traveled to Illinois, and as they began talking, my grandma felt an immediate attraction to him.

            Once they returned from Chicago, they decided to begin dating, and my grandpa would drive my grandma back home in his horse and buggy after her church youth choir practices. He did this so many times, that he eventually didn’t even steer his horse because he already knew the way to my grandma’s house.

From Sara Bertels of Maura Jane Photography:

Why did you plan this darling shoot?

We like finding ways of giving back. And since it was close to Valentine's Day, we thought that giving a shoot for a loving couple would be nice! We knew that there are lots of couples who didn't get wedding photos, or who lost them, and as wedding photographers, we think every couple deserves to have photos with their loved one!

From Lauren of Just Lovely Wedding & Event Planning LLC:

Tell us about the design decisions that helped bring this shoot together.

When thinking of the set design for the photo shoot, we really just wanted to focus on sweet + simple love. We asked Elena what her favorite love quote is, and she said "Let all that you do be done in love." It's such a great sentiment, especially for a couple that has been married for as long as she and Amzie. Although this was a Valentine's Day photo shoot, we loved the idea of doing a romantic settee for two, and the light blue fabric was so complementary to the color of Elena's dress and the roses that she carried. We also loved the idea of a cozy outdoor set up of tea & sweets for two people celebrating so many years of marriage. 

From Sara Bertels of Maura Jane Photography:

What was your favorite moment from the day?

When we met them for our photoshoot, it was immediately clear that they still live their lives to be as friendly and helpful as possible. They wanted to help carry the couch and pull our cart – they made us feel like family within just a few seconds. It was amazing to see the silly childlike love they still had for each other after 64 years. The delightful way they didn't need to be told to cuddle together and they way that they looked at each other, as if they were just married. Of course, the gentle way they held each other and tenderness they used to speak. I think they inspired us all to be more loving and selfless. And it was beautiful to see just how strong love can be even after 64 years. 


Photographer: Maura Jane Photography | Floral Designer: The Flower Company | Design and Decor: Darling Details Vintage Decor Rental Co. | Design and Decor: Just Lovely Wedding & Event Planning LLC

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