7 Cool California Girls' Getaways

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"If you've got love in your eyes and flowers in your hair”, check into Hotel California, you'll find us there. Its that year-round, sweet summer sweat - you'll dance to remember and you'll dance to forget. Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun-kissed hair... but California's beauty isn't simply relegated to it's cool coastline, it's equal parts bohemian beach babe, tinsel town glitz and glam as well as fabulous farmstead. Weren't expecting that one were you? All reasons to grab that perfect Panama hat, your pals and hit the open road "Thelma & Louise" style minus the ending and go exploring. Golden State gypset road trips are a time-honored tradition - so here's our guide to 8 of our favorite gorgeous spots for you to getaway with your girls. 

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Lombardi House

Nothing like a little Tinsel town glitz & glam to put a little giddy-up in your road-trip step. Built in 1904 Lombardi House is a fully restored farmhouse in the heart of Hollywood and dressed to the nines courtesy of Amber Interiors. Each renovated luxury suite is multi-bedroom with a decked out kitchen so you can wander the stalls of the famous (and original) Farmer's Market and share your finds over a fabulous feasting table under a starry Hollywood night before you hit the town.
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Autocamp Santa Barbara

Feeling more adventurous than glam with your gal pals? Opt for Airstreams. Handcrafted Airstreams with more amenities than your apartment, that is. A short drive up north from Los Angeles and you'll find yourself at this Santa Barbara bastion of Americana. Gather round a campfire, take a spin down the beach on a cruiser or bbq with a bevy of local boys, this spot can't be beat. 
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Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

A short trot away from the world-famous Del Mar Race Track, grab your large hats & your chic comrades and rent casitas as this San Diego epicenter of cosmopolitan California cool. Sun dappled afternoons turn into candlelight dinners or pony up to the bar for a hand-crafted aperitif. Did we mention the lush gardens and world-class spa? "Road trip" doesn't have to mean "roughing it."
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HammerSky Vineyards

Thought about heading to the East Coast but can't get your crew to commit? Just a few hours north of LA as you continue up the coast from Santa Barbara, but you'll feel worlds away from city life. Takeover this fabulous 107-year-old restored farmhouse and working vineyard for a wonderful wine-soaked weekend.  The whitewashed barn is a slice of New England heaven (can you say #Instagood?) while staying under the California sun. 

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Glen Oaks Big Sur

Grab your gypset and road trip up the coast to redwood territory. Bring your beauties to Big Sur. Arguably (not really) one of the most beautiful spots in the country, gather around the fire pits, party in the Roadhouse restaurant or just relax in the outdoor spaaaaaaaaaaah tubs under the redwoods. 

Photo Credit: Glen Oaks Big Sur

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Sometimes we come across places that are simply too special to properly explain. Let's just say Elizabeth Gilbert could have saved herself some real trouble and just de-camped to Campovida. Eat, pray, love while you stay, play & explore at this family-owned and operated certified organic farm & vineyard with soul. 

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