7 Cool California Girls' Getaways

"If you've got love in your eyes and flowers in your hair”, check into Hotel California, you'll find us there. Its that year-round, sweet summer sweat - you'll dance to remember and you'll dance to forget. Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun-kissed hair... but California's beauty isn't simply relegated to it's cool coastline, it's equal parts bohemian beach babe, tinsel town glitz and glam as well as fabulous farmstead. Weren't expecting that one were you? All reasons to grab that perfect Panama hat, your pals and hit the open road "Thelma & Louise" style minus the ending and go exploring. Golden State gypset road trips are a time-honored tradition - so here's our guide to 8 of our favorite gorgeous spots for you to getaway with your girls. 

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