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A New French-Inspired Restaurant in What Might Be LA's Trendiest Neighborhood
What's French and modern and striped all over? The new Simonette Restaurant at Palisociety's newest Culver City hotel. If you're new around here, let's get acquainted by saying we really love a new opening at The Venue Report,...
by Heather Ash

What's French and modern and striped all over? The new Simonette Restaurant at Palisociety's newest Culver City hotel. If you're new around here, let's get acquainted by saying we really love a new opening at The Venue Report, and 2019 has quickly proven itself to have some of the most creative, thoughtful and fun designs in the venue, hotel and restaurant world. Simonette is no exception. Bathed in classic Palisociety deep green with touches of stripes, red, and some of that French je ne sais quoi, Simonette has piqued our interest. 

Our media designer, Nathan, recently went on an excursion from San Diego to Culver City with his girlfriend to experience the new hotel and restaurant, and is reporting back to us on what to order, all about the design, and even some extras to make your trip a trendy and fun one. 

Photography courtesy of Palihotel Culver City & Nathan Mueller

First impressions of Simonette? 

Simonette is an all-day café, bar and bistro inspired by the traditions of classic French neighborhood cafés and it has two of my favorite features when it comes to restaurants. I love indoor/outdoor restaurants - all my favorite ones are always indoor/outdoor - for a natural breeze flowing through the space creates the ultimate comfort. My other favorite feature is that Simonette is seamlessly fits into the vibe of Palihotel Culver City and while it is the restaurant and bar, it's also the main gathering space in the hotel. 

Give us a rundown of the menu? Any standouts? 

OMG breakfast! While Hart & the Hunter in Los Angeles and Seattle (Simonette's sister restaurants) are known for their delicious buttery biscuits, I will say that Simonette's buttery croissants are just as satisfying. Order the Breakfast American, you can't go wrong with eggs your way, crispy bacon and potatoes lyonnaise.

Time to dive into design - give us the inside scoop.

Classic Palisociety design, yet always doing something new and exciting. Simonette is inspired by traditions of classic French neighborhood cafés and that vibe really shines through in the design. The gorgeous, classic Palisocitey dark green is complemented with punches of red throughout Simonette and Palihotel Culver City and I can't get enough of it! The mix of stripes on the walls, contemporary lighting fixtures and the hanging Fender speakers are as edgy as they are classic. 

Profile the perfect guest.

Come with your significant other for a romantic meal or come with a group of friends, share everything and have fun ordering all the different cocktails from the bar. Try the "Urgent Fury" cocktail, it's made with mezcal espadin, coconut porter syrup, cherry, ras al hanout, mole, egg, smoke. Yes, smoke. 

What is there to do in the area/what did your day's itinerary look like?

While visiting Simonette, my girlfriend and I also stayed at Palihotel Culver City (it makes it that more special). Book a room with access to the private courtyard (we stayed in room 111). 

While in Culver City plan to go to Platform LA for some shopping. Also, head over to the cool Midland Shop that has perfectly curated local items. Next door to Midland Shop is Hi-Lo Liqour, where they are reimagining the classic neighborhood corner store and you can find the coolest brands of beer, wine and spirits. 

Final thoughts on this new restaurant? 

I highly recommend a night at Palihotel Culver City so you can experience the full atmosphere of Palihotel and Simonette morning into night. Go for a staycation or make it your destination and escape to find your chill... and maybe some new friends!

Read more about Palihotel Culver City →

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