Bucket List Worthy Gorgeous Winter Getaways and Amazing Activities

photo Blue Lagoon
Winter gets a bad rap, often referred to as cruel or harsh. This is very confusing. Have these people never had a snowball fight or enjoyed hot cocoa? Have these naysayers never skied, snowboarded, or snowmobiled? Sure, the coldest season of the year blankets the earth in powder, but isn’t that annual alien landscape an exciting thing to explore, not to mention extraordinarily picturesque? Winter is about totally new experiences, and you need to get in on the fun. When it comes to places to stay and things to do in the snowy season, we’ve got you covered.

By: Jake Kilroy | Venue: Blue Lagoon
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Sleep in the glass igloos of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

See the otherworldly side of our planet from the comfort of a world-famous glass igloo in Finland. That's right, in the Finnish Lapland 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle, you can live out one heck of an enchanting experience in the arctic wilderness. We're talking Northern Lights and Midnight Sun. Behold a sky you never imagined you’d find yourself under.
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photo Treehotel

Stay in a suspended treehouse of Treehotel

In the woodland overlooking the Lule River, Sweden keeps a wonderful secret—and once there, you can wholly disappear from your everyday routine. Six unique "tree rooms," designed by Scandinavia's leading architects, are suspended 4-6 meters off the ground for minimal environmental impact. Be a part of nature with all the comforts of a stylish home away from home.
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Go on a girls getaway to Belmond Sanctuary Lodge

The only hotel that's adjacent to the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is also one of lush jungle surroundings and welcoming architecture. As mystic as it is gorgeous, you can relax with all the spiritual energy of the nearby Lost City. Here, you can sit out on a terrace and enjoy Peruvian cuisine, with ingredients coming from the lodge's own plot.

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photo Rolling Huts

Cozy up inside these Rolling Huts

20 acres of forests, meadows, and manicured lawns make this escape supremely ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Tucked away in Washington's Methow Valley, you can live your days (however temporarily) as a hiker, mountain biker, or cross-country skier. Stay in a rustic field hut, a safari-style tent, or the farmhouse.
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Glamp on the Serengeti with Singita Explore

If you're on the prowl for an authentic Serengeti experience—one that’s paired well with style and comfort—this is it. Hailed as "roughing it in great style," this killer glamping setup gives you the chance to behold earth and wildlife alike at a serious closeup.
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Watch the Northern Lights at Fogo Island Inn

Posh with all-encompassing seaside views, this worldly inn is built like a futuristic mansion or spaceship. It’s a majestic structure boldly standing over a serene rocky landscape. If you're curious about its location, heads up, New Year's is celebrated here 30 minutes before anywhere else in North America.
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photo Blue Lagoon

Relax in the healing waters of Blue Lagoon Iceland

Grindavík, Iceland
Surely one of the wonders of the world, the lagoon is responsible for a natural sort of approach to healthy and beauty, tantalizing the skin. There are spa amenities and an exclusive lounge, along with in-water massages that make for a one-of-a-kind experience for the body and soul. Plus, there are unreal places to eat and drink nearby—or even at the lagoon. What’s not to love?
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Stay in a luxury hut at Manshausen Island Resort

On this Norwegian island, surrounded by islets, pristine beaches, glorious mountains, and epic fjords, you can call your stunning seaside abode home. Yet for all its rich comforts, half of your modern cabin here is windows, so you can rest and relax while the Northern Lights pop, swirl, and dance above your bed.

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Experience the mega-treehouse, Huilo Huilo Nothofagus Hotel

Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, Chile
One of the coolest-looking hotels in existence, this forest hideaway blows you away with an appearance that suggests it was designed as a kid's mega-dream home. It’s pretty much a several-story treehouse in the temperate rainforest. The magnificent building stays wild at the heart of the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve.
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Have a storm watching party at Ocean Village Resort

Tofino, British Colombia
Experience the Tofino's coast in all its glory at these family-friendly beachfront cabins. Ideally located for anyone interested in doing...well, pretty much anything. The island has it all - music festivals, art shows, botanical gardens, you name it. Moreover, if you come in the winter, you’ll have one heck of a chance to storm watch.
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Live the mountain life at Basecamp Boulder

Boulder, Colorado
Now here's a perfect getaway for the adventurous traveler, as long as he or she also keep an appreciation for style. Recently renovated and killing it in downtown, this hot spot is mellow, minimalist, and more than ready to send you off to explore the surrounding rocky wilderness.
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Stay with your girls on the floating Satellite Island

Satellite Island, Tasmania
Surrounded entirely by wilderness on the magnificent D'Entrecasteaux Channel of Tasmania, this unique island has never before been accessible to the public. It's entirely and utterly unspoilt, given you a 360-degree view of blue sky, blue water, and land in the distance.
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Dine in the magma chamber of Thrihnukagigur Volcano

Reykjavík, Iceland
Since Iceland’s Thrihnukagigur Volcano is dormant, it might as well get some use. That's the philosophy behind one of the wildest dinners imaginable. In the volcano's thrilling cavernous magma chamber, large enough to hold three basketball courts or the Statue of Liberty on its side, you can enjoy a meal entirely of your design.
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See Turkey from above with Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia

Cappadocia, Turkey
Over a landscape that looks straight out of a children's adventure book, you have the chance to ride one of the greatest hot air balloon routes in the world. Gently drift over fairy chimneys, valleys, orchards, and vineyards, all after taking off at sunrise. How could that not leave you breathless?
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photo James Kelley

Camp inside the third largest cave in the world

Quang Binh Province, Vietnam
You can totally do one of the coolest things ever, which is camp inside the world's third largest cave. Yep, off the beaten path lies a sandy beach resting in a natural turquoise pool, all beneath a ceiling more than 300 feet high. Surrounded by the Vietnamese jungle to boot, this is a choice opportunity for the most serious of adventurers.
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Go hot air ballooning at Singita Sabora Tented Camp

Singita Grumeti, Tanzania
Chater a hot air balloon over the treetops of the Tanzanian Serengeti, capturing wildlife with a bird's eye view, and feel reborn. Soar over grasslands and acacia forests and be dumbstruck by the majesty of nature. It’s impossible not to on this ride.
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photo Soneva Kiri

Dine in a suspended bamboo pod at Soneva Kiri

Extraordinary luxury villas practically glisten at this coastal getaway on Thailand's least populated island. An authentic experience from start to finish—with a good number of bonuses—you can practically hear your soul stretching along with you. Later, when it comes to eating, you have the chance to dine in a bamboo pod 16 feet up in a tree house. If you're wondering if the servers deliver food and wine via zip line, the answer is a resounding yes.
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Explore Fireside Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Staying at one of these rolling wedge cabins gives you the opportunity to embrace the good life of Jackson Hole's first nature lodging experience. These cabins combine rustic and modern design for simplified luxury, so it has everything you want without overdoing it. Rent a jeep, go skiing, and take a chance to explore.
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photo Brüke 49

Embrace the tiny hotel movement at Brücke 49

A charming villa on the "sunny side" of town, this mix of chic design and minimalist beauty enchants any and all guests. Consider your room at this tiny hotel a confidential retreat, where you cozy up with wine to watch old movies. It’s the concept of bed and breakfast celebrated as much as it is reinvented.
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Go bush camping at Mile End Glamping

Yelverton, Australia

In the heart of Margaret River, this glamping gem takes you off the grid and drops you amidst Australia's spectacular natural landscape. Set upon a unique private estate of 144 acres, this magical destination gives you the chance to enjoy wildlife, native bush, and the river flowing around your own personal dome.

Ski with monkeys in Japan

Honshu, Japan
On Japan's largest and most populous island of Honshu, winter activity welcomes you with open arms. It's also darn kind to tourists, allow them to enjoy hot spring baths and meals of soba noodles and sake. Plus, there are adorable snow monkeys in the Northern Japanese Alps.
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photo White Desert

Camp at the end of the world with White Desert

Want to go full winter? How about being flown to Antarctica for equal parts luxury and adventure? That's what happens when you try this camping experience on for size. You get to stand atop mountains, explore glaciers, and see an Emperor Penguin colony in action.
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Adventure through Tahoe at Coachman Hotel

South Lake Tahoe, California
Superbly renovated, this motel experience is modern style and convenience beautifully blended with a celebration of nature and the spirit of adventure. Enjoy the cool wind while sipping coffee or relaxing in the hot tub. At night, relax around the fire pit and share stories over a few beers.
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photo Le Panoramic

Ski the French Alps and dine at Le Panoramic

Chamonix, France
Bask in the breathtaking view of Mont-Blanc, as you dine at the summit of Brévent at Le Panoramic, which itself is made easily accessible by way of gondola and cable car. Work up an appetite by skiing or give yourself something to burn off on the slopes. With a celebrated menu of Savoyarde food, you'll find a new favorite annual ritual. 
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Travel Ireland by train on the Belmond Grand Hibernian

They say the journey can prove more exciting than the destination. Nowhere is that more true than on the first-of-its-kind luxury rail experience. You essentially drink whiskey as you take in the spectacular scenery of Ireland, along with rare wildlife, from the large window of a marvelous train.
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Stargaze at The Suttle Lodge

Sisters, Oregon
Travel back in time to this 11-room lakeside lodge with its cozy cocktail lounge. Then, when out and about in the surrounding Deschutes National Forest, go wild as you boat, hike, ski, snowshoe, stargaze, and rodeo. Additionally, if you’re a fan of Wes Anderson’s style, this joint is very much right up your alley.
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photo Fangweng Restaurant

Dine on the side of a cliff at Fangweng Restaurant

Yichang, China
At Fangweng Restaurant, you have the very unique chance to enjoy a meal several hundred feet above the ground. Tucked away near Sanyou Cave, also known as "The Cave of the Three Travelers," the eatery offers diners incredible views of the Yangtze River's flowing waters. For the more extreme others, there's a bungee-jumping platform because of course there is. Happy dining!
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Ski the Swiss Alps and stay at this luxe resort with 360° mountain views

This sleek Switzerland hotel is nestled perfectly in the Swiss Alps ensuring stunning panoramic views at your finger tips. The Cambrian offers the kind of location that tense desk huggers the world over spend their days dreaming about. Whether your vacation plans consist of cozying up by the fireplace, indulging in mouth watering cuisine, relaxing by the spa or surfing the Swiss Alps - The Cambrian has you covered. 
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photo Lure Of The North

Go on a winter expedition with Lure Of The North

Ontario, Canada
If you're ready to create a million epic memories at once, then a guided expedition with this crew could be it. As an explorer team, you travel by snowshoe, pull your gear by toboggan, and sleep on a bed of boughs in the team’s hot tent. The best part is that you're led by the two owners who love winter camping more than anyone.
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photo Hideout

Head to the Balinese jungle and stay at Hideout

Let's get tropical and head deep into the jungles of Bali to this quite literal Hideout. Hidden amongst rice fields and under a volcano, this is about as off-the-grid you can get, in the best way of course. This stunning A-frame property features hammocks throughout, gorgeous window-filled rooms, outdoor showers, and a real deal tiki bar. One of the most unique eco stays available, Hideout is the winter escape dream spot.
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photo Cloud 9

Have a party of the floating festival bar, Cloud 9

Looking to escape the chill of winter? Well, this floating festival bar in the middle of the sparkling Fijean waters may just do the trick for you. About as bucket list worthy as it gets, Could 9 is nothing short of a one-of-a-kind-time. Taking the "booze cruise" up quite a few notches, it features a two story bar and onboard pizzeria (seriously), this is one departure you do not want to miss.
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Have a dinner party while suspended in the Redwoods Treehouse

Auckland, New Zealand
A fun and fantastic treetop walkway lead you to a striking pod-shaped structure attached to a redwood tree. It makes for one heck of a unique and versatile venue for a winter evening dinner party with your entire crew while being completely surrounded by the glorious woods just outside of Warkworth.
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Sail through Indonesia on the historic and luxurious ALEXA

Somewhere... Beyond the Sea... ALEXA Private Cruises is wining and dining the well traveled with gourmet meals, refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages, unlimited dives per day, daily spa treatments, shore excursions, island expeditions, hiking & snorkeling. This Private cruise offers just about everything for the sea seeking adventurer including access to your own personal movie night on the deck. 
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Brunch with giraffes at Giraffe Manor

Nairobi, Africa
Take your brunch game up a few levels (literally) at this manor house for giraffes. Yes, giraffes roam free and peak their faces into the second story windows for a treat or two while guests dine. As beautiful and unique as it comes, this warmed up winter getaway is an easy 'yes' to add to your bucket list. 
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