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City Guide: Louisville, Kentucky By The Kentucky Gent

Meet Josh Johnson! He's the southern boy behind The Kentucky Gent  brand, a fully-fledged men’s lifestyle blog and “Gateway to the South” where he shares his passions for fashion, food and travel in the South. "The Kentucky Gent  started as a way for me to show that Southern boys have style too." If you are not familiar with him yet, you must follow his amazing insta-feed here. In the meantime, this dapper Southern gent is sharing his guide to gathering in Louisville, Kentucky. 
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Best Place for Beers and Cocktails

Louisville, Kentucky

Where are the best places to grab beers and cocktails with friends? If I’m looking for bourbon cocktails then Silver Dollar is my go-to spot, if I’m looking for a lighter cocktail Garage Bar has one of the best Ginger Shandys with Bourbon around. The best place for beer in Louisville is Holy Grale. It’s in an old church, complete with choir loft, and the biergarten out back is hands down one of the most photogenic spots in town.

Left Image: Holy Grale,  Right Image: Garage Bar 

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Favorite Cafe

Louisville, Kentucky
What's your favorite cafe to meet up with friends? What do you order? Please & Thank You. Soy No Foam Latte and a chocolate chip cookie, cause they’re the best in Louisville.
Photo:The Garage Bar
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Best Restaurant For Dinner Parties

Louisville, Kentucky
What restaurant  in town would you host a dinner party at? "AH, this would be a total toss up between Garage Bar and Silver Dollar, depending on what the dinner party was for. Both have incredible spaces but different vibes. Garage Bar would be great for an outdoor dinner party, while Silver Dollar has a family style eating area in the back of their restaurant where I’ve had more than one birthday dinner."
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Best Brunch Spot

Louisville, Kentucky
What's your favorite spot to eat brunch at with friends? Again, Silver Dollar. It’s homey enough to cure even the worst hang over.
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In Louisville or Lexington, Kentucky
What's the best boutique hotel for a group staycation? 21c Museum Hotel. It’s a contemporary art gallery, boutique hotel, and fine dining restaurant all wrapped into one, and to top it off they almost always have weekend getaway packages.
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Best Group Getaway Destination

Pleasant Hill in Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Where would you host a group getaway within an hour of the city?  Shaker Village. It’s a quick drive from Louisville, but it’s an entirely different world. And it was recently named one of four founding members of Discovery Destinations!
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Best Ice Cream in Town

On Frankfort in Louisville, Kentucky
Where's your favorite place to grab a scoop of ice cream? What do you order?  Comfy Cow. Two scoops of Cake Batter Up with Reese Cups, almost always.
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Picnic Party Hotspot

At Cochran Hill in Louisville, Kentucky
What's the best place for a picnic party? Cherokee Park, it was designed by The Olmsted Brothers, the same folks that designed Central Park. Besides that fun fact it’s got some of the best views in the city.
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Only 24 Hours Left In Louisville

At Cochran Hill in Louisville
What is one thing you would HAVE to do if you only had 24 hours left in the city? This is tough, but it would include a run through Cherokee Park and then eating my way through my restaurants in town. I mean, Louisville has been ranked one of the top foodie cities in the country the last few years, for good season. (Pictured - Butchertown Grocery)

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