Get Out Now: 32 Fast Getaways You Can Book Right Now

Impulse travel is by far our favorite kind noted by our other spontanious travel lists. While we love to plan trips and typically spend hours hemming and hawing over the best venues or hotels in the best places, sometimes the spur-of-the-moment trek out to the desert ends up being the best experience of the whole year.

In an effort to encourage more impromptu adventures, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite spots that are easily accessible by car or a quick flight to enjoy the end of winter and early spring, places where you can be sure to get out of the everyday norm and experience nature, culture, zen, snow, or sea. And guess what? You can book all these rad spots directly through us. We even have a white glove concierge service who will book your whole itinerary if you’re into it. Book it, book it real good. 

Reporter: Alyssa Brown
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