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The Ultimate Guide To New Orleans From A Local

Growing up in New Orleans, you become acutely aware of Mardi Gras being a season and not just a day. With about six weeks of parades, king cakes, costumes, marching bands, formal balls, house parties, street parties, and plenty of revelry, all culminating in a massive blowout of celebration on that final weekend, it’s easy to understand why Fat Tuesday is followed by the first day of Lent.
While it’s not for the faint-hearted, your first Mardi Gras is an experience you’ll never forget. Here to help you get it right the first time (or second or third), we’re taking a look at the best hotels, dining spots, and stopovers in the Big Easy. In the words of Al Johnson, “because it’s carnival time and everybody’s drinkin’ wine…”
Reporter: Alyssa Brown | Venue: Race + Religious 
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