The Ultimate Guide To New Orleans From A Local

Growing up in New Orleans, you become acutely aware of Mardi Gras being a season and not just a day. With about six weeks of parades, king cakes, costumes, marching bands, formal balls, house parties, street parties, and plenty of revelry, all culminating in a massive blowout of celebration on that final weekend, it’s easy to understand why Fat Tuesday is followed by the first day of Lent.
It's important to note however, that the city is not just about Mardi Gras. It's also an exceptional place to host a New Orleans bachelorette party and is the perfect destination for group travel with your besties. Taking it one step further, can you even fathom how magical a wedding in New Orleans would be?! Here to help you get it right for whatever you are planning, we’re taking a look at the best hotels, dining spots, and stopovers in the Big Easy. In the words of Al Johnson, “because it’s carnival time and everybody’s drinkin’ wine…”
Reporter: Alyssa Brown | Venue: Race + Religious 
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