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A Bohemian Olive Grove Love Festival Wedding Lit by Fairy Lights
Katie David Bush
byKatie David Bush

For global free spirits Emma & Ofer, the very special venue setting for their I-do's needed to both inspire their bohemian imaginations and bring their idea of a "wedding love festival" lit by fairy lights to beautiful life. As dreamy as it sounds, the demands on this venue were diverse - play host to 450 of their nearest and dearest, no lighting or fire restrictions as well as allow for overnight tipi glamping. Eventually a 20-acre olive grove provided the magical gathering location away from the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv. We were fortunate enough to sit down with their wedding photographer, Liron Erelwho captured the essence of this beautiful couple as their dream wedding festival in an olive grove, lit by fairy lights and art installations came to lovely life. 


Wedding in an Olive Grove


Some highlights of your experience at the venue?

Emma & Ofer were looking for a very natural place to hold their wedding. They chose a private 20 acre olive-grove to have their Love Festival - Hippie - Boho Indie wedding at, and managed to get it for a bargain. It was centrally located, thus making it easier for their 450 guests to arrive easily. A big plus is that they were able to stay the night and hang our there the morning after.


Wedding in an Olive Glove


The photographer's view:

For me this wedding was an explosion of energies. I had to let go any thought of staged photos (which i'm not into anyway) and just snap away anything that I see. I spent most of the time - literally, running after Emma & Ofer who were high on love and were just experiencing their day in the most beautiful way there is. Loving, running, kissing, hugging as if it was a music festival rather than a wedding.


Wedding in an Olive Grove
Wedding in an Olive Grove


Because the day started early, I had every kind of light situation to deal with: From harsh noon sun, to soft end of the day sunset into night time photos were suddenly all the lights went on and boom! A crazy night love-festival.


Wedding in an Olive Grove
Wedding in an Olive Grove
Wedding in an Olive Grove


The wedding was a big mix of characteristics, both local and global. There was a Jewish family-style seating arrangment for the Shabat dinner, combined with a massive Greek atmosphere including the band, the bar - Anise based drinks and Greek food.


Wedding in an Olive Grove
Wedding in an Olive Grove
Wedding in an Olive Grove


They held a traditional Shabat dinner including hot fish casseroles, crock pot dishes, fresh salads and bread, wine, iced tea and all that under magical fairy lights & good music.


Wedding in an Olive Grove

Wedding in an Olive Grove
Wedding in an Olive Grove


Some of the design included tipi tents, vintage furniture, dream catchers & lots of cactus, bonfire & of course, live music from a band followed by a DJ set.


Wedding in an Olive Grove
Wedding in an Olive Grove
Wedding in an Olive Grove
Wedding in an Olive Grove


What made this venue an ideal location for this event?

The sense of isolation, being out of the city. Every part of the wedding had its own setting and by walking from the cocktail to the reception and to the party you had an amazing flow, yet surprised how they made every section so unique.


Wedding in an Olive Grove
Wedding in an Olive Grove



Every section of the wedding was carefully planned and adjusted with a proper lighting: The dinner area was filled with fairy lights, the party had advanced professional lighting to get people in the mood, and while dancing people were constantly looking at a big wooden art piece that had a Pink Floyd concert / Burning Man kind of feel.

The food was based on Greek / Mediterranean cuisine.  Fresh ingredients and locally grown. 



Photography & Video: Liron Erel | Wedding Planners & Design: Bebke​ | Bride's Dress: Vintage from Divine Decadence | Furniture: Craft and Bloom | Entertainment: Avihu Pinhasov's Rhythm Club | DJ: Eduard El Camino | Lighting: Hakol


Liron Erel
Liron Erel
Liron Erel Photography
, Israel

I am international portrait and wedding photographer, with a strong documentary style and approach. In my work – I focus on capturing the essence of the wedding – A true celebration of love, happiness, good friends and family. I blend within the crowd, thus making the photography un-noticeable. You do your thing and i will be there to capture it as it happens. My inspiration comes from music, cinema, fashion and my travel adventures around the world. I love working with creative couples who share these passions as well, and together can create a one of kind piece. Lets make some magic. - Website

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