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Baja California's Best Kept Secret Is Out
They say resting beach face is a real thing. It happens when you haven’t been to the ocean in a long time so, when we got the invite from The Wedding Artists Collective to jet off where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea...
by Cortnie Fausner
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They say resting beach face is a real thing. It happens when you haven’t been to the ocean in a long time so, when we got the invite from The Wedding Artists Collective to jet off where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, we accepted. Our final destination was a resort carved into the cliffs of the southernmost tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula.

The views are endless with pools that blend into the watercolor hues of the ocean. Pull up a front row seat to the crashing waves and sandy beaches that are quietly tucked away from the colorful chaos of downtown Cabo itself. The Resort at Pedregal is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E.

Photography by The Wedding Artists Collective



Entrances Dahhhhling

The Resort at Pedregal takes grand entrances real seriously.

To get to the resort, we drove through a carved out tunnel dimly illuminated by torches and glittering chandeliers casting whimsical shadows onto the walls. The experience is fast, the tunnel is 900 ft long but in that short span of time we felt like voyagers from a bygone era on an exciting adventure - we felt the childlike excitement you get when you sit on a ride at Disneyland. We also felt the enormity of magic that was accomplished to bore through this gigantic piece of rock. With each fleeting moment we became more and more entranced by this unexpected cave and whoooosh! We were out on the other side, whacked by the sun, the power of the beautiful sparkling ocean and whitewashed resort walls. Dahhhhling, we had arrived. The bright, airy feel and the well-dressed caballeros greeting us with ice-cold margaritas were such a perfect stark contrast to the mysterious cave we had just exited. 

Margaritas in hand, we passed off our luggage to the attentive team at the resort and started to roam around. We instantly had our iPhones at the ready (yes, we were those tourists), bumbling about, snapping photo after photo and filling our Instagram feeds with images of glorious cacti sprouting from meandering paths of white pebbles. Right then and there, we all decided that the minute we returned home we would re-landscape our home gardens ASAP. 




Walkways were lined with sand that had been raked into the most glorious zen like patterns  We all paused and contemplated a career change. How relaxing it must be to rake these glorious patterns into the sand all day. How sad the mini versions that were on our desks at home instantly became. Oh, Pedregal you are so gorg. 


You Beautiful Brunch Buffet, You

Stretch, look at the ocean, throw on your vacay attire and head down to breakfast. You gotta love a “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem” kinda hotel with a dose of luxury on the side. 

Good morning. 

The breakfast, ohh the breakfast. Admittedly I am one of those vegan folk, so it can be a really big buzzkill when ordering breakfast. Some call me picky, I just say I love me some veggies. No eggs, no sausage, no thank you. Not to worry here though. Nobody at the table had to sit through my complicated eggless omelette order. At this resort, there is something for everyone, I mean everyone. This beautiful breakfast buffet rivaled that of the best in Las Vegas. Fresh squeezed juices, homemade smoothies (anything you wanted they would blend it up), the most incredible salsa bar I have ever seen. Rainbows of salsa that made me want to cry from both the jalapeños and the excitement. Coffee that just tasted like the beans had been harvested from the kitchen and pressed right there. Fresh fruit. Oh man, I'm drooling again. The sheer awesomeness of this buffet. On a scale of one to a perfect 10, I'm holding up the perfect 10 card. 



Poolside Drinks & Dranks 

Are you having drinks, or are you having dranks? Either way, Pedregal has a pool for you. There are the spa pools for those who want to doze off to the tunes of the tides, the kid-friendly spots and the the party pools for cocktail veterans looking to sip their way through the day. With a little pep in our step we beelined it to the party pool (duh). The service is top-notch everywhere and the guac is to-die-for. Now there's guacamole and there's guac-ahhh-mollleee! The kind that's so delightful you just must pronounce it in a sing-songy voice. The Resort at Pedregal serves up the latter. 


Under The Cosmic Sky

Sea sickness can be a real pain in the a#$. 

We all have those friends and family that turn green and need to pop a few dramamine. Such a bummer in the summer. If you want those boat vibes without watching your friends hanging wearlily over the side of the ocean head to this little stunner on the sea, she's a beaut. 

Meet El Farallon. She was the pièce de résistance and the backdrop to our dinner under the cosmic sky. This award-winning restaurant is tucked tightly into the cliffs and offers break-taking views of the Pacific Ocean. You can’t go wrong with their amazing selection of freshly caught fish and authentic Mexican entrees. They also have an amazing Champagne Terrace Bar with an enormous selection of rosés and champagnes that greets you at the entrance. So glamorous. 

What wasn't glamorous were the high heels I decided to wear to dinner. The path is rocky. Remember this hotel has been carved from the side of a cliff. Warning: do NOT wear heels, flats are highly recommended. We soon sat at dinner and felt as if we were sailing the high seas. We were still voyagers on our fun adventure, ayyy matey. We almost expected to sway with the lulls of the ocean and rock back and forth. Oh buoy! Was that a cool experience to blissed out by candlelight with the waves crashing against the restaurant. The sky is so clear, it was an otherworldly experience.  

The entrees arrived. Admittedly I was expecting a plate half empty, OMG-it’s-too- fancy-moment. Don't worry about that empty plate syndrome here. We left with full bellies, full buzz and that lunar-like venue setting. Spectacular. 




Do Your Friends a Solid

Do your friends a solid and just book a dinner party here. The Resort at Pedregal is one of Baja's best. Book your vacay to relaxationville. The desert heat is calling. 



Photography: The Wedding Artists Collective | Venue: The Resort at Pedregal


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