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This Miami Seafood Brunch Spot Is Flowing With Champagne

Marble floors and table tops, blue and white tile decor, decadent seafood, flowing champagne - shall we meet for brunch at Bazaar Mar?

The global ocean influence running thick through this vibrant restaurant will make you want to congregate on a Sunday in Miami for their opulent fish and overflowing champagne brunch specials. Ceviche for brunch? This is not your average Sunday.


Photography: Bazaar Mar | Gio Gutierrez


Everything but the Fisherman

Bazaar Mar's decor was designed by French designer Phillip Starke. The inspiration behind the design was different sea ports around the world. With a touch of modern (the marble accents) and a touch of classic (the blue and white tile murals by artist Sergio Mora), the bright design will have your brunch squad toasting to the ocean in style. 


​The Mastermind Behind it All

Award-winning Chef José Andrés centers his culinary inspiration around the dwellers of the deep blue sea. His selection of seafood ranges from local to global waters and his creations always show respect for the ocean. Take his lionfish dish for example: lionfish outlive many other species and are therefore hurting the ecosystem of the Caribbean. Bazaar Mar helps even the playing field. By default, you brunching does too.


Photography: Ana LinaresAndrea Nuñez


But First, Champagne

For those that take brunch seriously, Bazaar Mar hosts a champagne brunch every Sunday with their special fish combos. If you want to order à la carte, your mouth will water over the Dungeness Crab Benedict sourced from British Columbia, Canada. Pair it with a mimosa and cheers to a brunch that is as opulent as it is casual. 




Venue: Bazaar Mar | Photography: Andrea Nuñez | Bazaar Mar


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