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Did You Catch These Hidden Messages In Chanel's 2017 Fall/Winter Fashion Show?
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For anyone who remotely follows the world of fashion, you know the colossal show that Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel pulled off involving the gorgeous Grand Palais outfitted with a functioning rocket ship. Yes, rocket ship. The futuristic structured outfits, pumped up hair and Twiggy-esque makeup painted a neo-1960’s scene (after all, Mid Century is all the rage right now) complete with a rocket take off reminiscent of 1968.

What was perhaps the most striking element was the juxtaposition of the rocket ship taking off into the glass ceiling (well, almost) of the Grand Palais. Hidden messages ran throughout the show touching on the women’s rights movement historically as it originally gained momentum in the 1960’s all the way up to today where we’re facing unprecedented setbacks. Serious girl power vibes occurred throughout and ahem ladies, let’s break through the glass ceiling in 2017?


Chanel's Fall Winter 2017 Fashion Show

The Gorgeous Invites Behind Chanel's Most Epic Fashion Show

Emerald Green Tones Making A Statement At Chanel's 2017 Fashion Show

Blast off! Chanel's Most Epic Fashion Show Yet!

Details of spaceships and rockets graced the Chanel garments

Shine bright like a star in Chanel's new outer space inspired boots

I think we can all agree that this show was one for the books. I mean, now we know Karl has a serious thing for all things that take flight. But having a massive rocket ship ignite, elevate toward the glass ceiling of the Grand Palais with smoke dispersing on stage and dancing in between models to end an already breathtaking show was the cherry on top.

The Grand Palais is a long standing favorite of Chanel for their fashion shows and never ceases to amaze. This 120 year old, iron and glass building is known around the world as a historic piece of Paris and Karl Lagerfeld brilliantly transformed it into a futuristic space age stage. It's safe to say we are already trying to predict what could possibly be next for Chanel in terms of venue spaces and art direction. Maybe Karl and the team will bring the next show to the middle of the desert as if they were on Mars? What do you think? 

Lust For Life Getting a Behind The Scenes Look Before The Chanel Show

Karl Lagerfeld Dreamt Up On Of The Most Inspiring Fashion Show's Ever

Now trending: Rocket ships

Behind the fashion show display is a beautiful venue, The Grand Palais

No Chanel show would be complete with Gigi Hadid

Chanel favorite's Cara Delevingne + Pharrel Williams Stole the show without even stepping foot on the runway

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