Fall In Love Feast: Part 2 with Nathan & Hannah + Chris & Heather
Did you by any chance see our Fall in Love Feast By The Sea Part 1? Well, to give you the cliff notes - To kick off the start of the season we grabbed our team, their other halves and celebrated Fall's grand...
by The Venue Report

Did you by any chance see our Fall in Love Feast By The Sea Part 1? Well, to give you the cliff notes - To kick off the start of the season we grabbed our team, their other halves and celebrated Fall's grand entrance this year with a twist. A Gucci inspired twist, pulling every color our eyes were attracted to.

So what happens when you get a bunch of travel experts / lovey dovey couples together? Q&A galore and we are telling all! 



Share a little bit about yourselves... 

Chris: I'm the Marketing Manager at a digital and creative agency and Heather and I go to the beach almost every weekend. I surf, she lays out and we bring a little lunch and make it a day. We also make small weekend trips up to Laguna or LA to visit family and explore the food/drinking scene up there when we run out of options in San Diego. If we're not at the beach we use the weekend to explore different parts of San Diego's food scene. We're really big on pho, ramen, and pizza, so if there's a restaurant that serves any of those options we've probably been there.

Heather: My main hat at The Venue Report is Marketing. I was originally put in contact with The Venue Report via Chris from a shared work space they were in together when he was working for another startup. Our weekends aren't complete unless we go to the beach, get our favorite food(s) and go outside. We're always looking for new bars and restaurants to try along with exploring our neighborhood. Eating is definitely our hobby and we're determined to find the best spots in SD!

How did you two fall in love?

Chris: Heather and I originally met at San Diego State Universary when we were both Freshman. Fast forward a year, we had never really spoken to each other until Pref Night Spring semester of our Sophomore year. Our fraternity hosted Heather's Sorority at a venue downtown and once we made it back to our fraternity house we just sort of found each other and the rest was history. Dating in college was easy, but dating post-grad was a true test. We had been dating for close to three years and I flat out asked "Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?", Heather said "sho", So we moved in together, got two cats, and now we couldn't be happier.

Heather: Since we started dating in college, it went like a lot of young, college relationships do. We got a little more serious and realized dating wasn't so bad. We had a blast through college but after a round of soul searching on both our ends, we decided that we were going to be in this together. We're definitely two birds of a feather and have chosen each other to love, be best friends with, and have fun forever together. 


Favorite fall date?

Chris: idk 

Heather: Doing all the cheesy "fall" stuff together like picking out pumpkins and carving them, going apple picking, etc. to get in the spirit and really make it feel like fall. 

What do love about fall?

Chris: ..... I can't.

Heather: Being able to put on sweaters and boots and pretend it's colder than it is. Also, all of the fabulous throwback Halloween movies because, Hocus Pocus.



Top 3 fall venues?

Chris: Anywhere with a good IPA is good with me.  


1. Julian, Ca for apple picking, wine tasting and taking a pie home.

2. Public Liberty Market where you can get some drinks, walk around and try different food.

3. The beach - pretty much all the way through October is still beach weather for anything from laying out to picnics.



Bucket list dreams for the holidays?

Chris: Honestly, San Diego in December is my favorite season of the year, so I never want to leave town. Everyday is sunny, clear and 70 degrees, it can't get much better than that. But Heather and I are going somewhere tropical this year after the holidays... We just booked our first vacation to Tulum in January and we couldn't be more excited!  

Heather: This year, we're actually crossing something off our bucket list and going to Tulum, Mexico. We'll be going in January for some post-holiday R&R.



Alright you two, it's your turn! Give us the inside scoop...

Nathan: I am The Venue Report’s Photo Editor. I create stunning visual editorials for our blog and enjoy helping people have great experiences with beautiful memories enjoyed by friends and family.
Hannah: I am currently a full-time student studying Speech Pathology and a part time barista. I am a adventure enthusiast and a firm believer in a good top knot.



Tell us how you fell in love?

Nathan + Hannah: Our love was built from a friendship. Nathan was in search of a good haircut and was referred by a friend to see Hannah. After a few good haircuts (and one not so good) we were inseparable. Many adventures, memories and photos later, Nathan now gets free hair cuts in the kitchen.



Favorite fall date?

Nathan + Hannah: Disneyland is a local place we’d escape to. We loved going during the autumn months when the park is quiet and the fall decorations are exploding as bright as the fireworks at night.

What do you love about fall?

Nathan + Hannah: The fresh, crisp air that comes around mid-October. We love spending the day in the local mountains and capturing all the fall weather that it gives us in San Diego.

Favorite fall activity?

Nathan: The Pumpkin Patch at Mountain Valley Ranch and getting a pumpkin for every day of October, then decorating them in new ways that inspire me that month.
Hannah: Pumpkin Chunkin! After the Thanksgiving feast we seek out a field, climb up on a latter and see how far we can chuck our pumpkins. It’s a riot! Seeing and hearing the pumpkins explode causes pure laughter from everyone.

Top 3 fall venues?

Nathan: Ace Hotel & Swim Club Palm Springs for our favorite desert vibes.
Hannah: Wayfarer Glass Chapel in Palos Verdes to take in the cool and crisp fall ocean air.
Nathan: The Line Hotel with those rooftop views of Downtown LA and lunch at thier resturant, Commisary hidden in a glass greenhouse!

Any bucket list dreams for the holidays?

Nathan: Road Trip of New England Fall Foliage and going on our first skiing trip together.

Hannah: Apple picking please!


Photographer: Cole Moser@colemoser | Styling: The Venue Report | Decor: Pow Wow Design Studio@powwowdesignstudio | Plates, Linens + Cutlery: Hostess Haven@hostesshaven 

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