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Why You Shouldn’t Visit Hong Kong Without Dining at Mott 32
Dylan Essertier
byDylan Essertier

It’s no secret that at The Venue Report we champion any dining experience that includes not only excellent food, but an unforgettable ambiance. Which means when we ventured inside Hong Kong’s Standard Chartered Bank building and discovered one of the city’s chicest dining experiences was tucked inside the basement: it was truly love at first bite.

The Mott 32 experience really begins at the entrance. To get to the eatery you have to descend down a mirror-clad spiral staircase that leads you to the dimly-lit and impeccably furnished dining room designed to pay tribute to a Chinese apothecary. The lady behind this unique vision? Interior designer Joyce Wang, who actually received ‘World Interior of the Year’ in 2014 for her gorgeous approach to bringing Mott 32 to life. Our favorite elements include the silk-embroidered walls offset by dark leather seating and straw-latticed chairs which dominate the main dining room, and we were particularly in awe of a smaller dining space in the back of the restaurant decked out with sumptuous velvet couches, mirrored paneling and an amazing variety of traditional Chinese paintbrushes draped from its walls.

But Mott 32 isn’t only a feast for the eyes, with a menu overseen by Chef Lee Man Sing that promises just as much flair as your surroundings. For starters, it’s impossible not to talk about the restaurant’s famed Royal Cut Peking Duck, which is prepared 48 hours in advance and is smoked in Apple Wood. Insider tip: the duck is only served for dinner and must be pre-ordered at least 24 hours in advance. With that said, it was already sold out when we arrived to Mott 32 but we did watch in awe as it was sliced and diced up beside us and served to the neighboring table. Other standout menu items include a large selection of dim sum (there are even gluten-free options!), the Double Boiled Bird’s Nest Supreme Soup, and desserts such as guava mousse cake and rose and valrhona white chocolate pannacotta.⠀

Equally creative is Mott’s cocktail selection, which calls on local flavors such as osmanthus honey, and infusions with ginseng roots, goji berries, pomelo, air-dried tangerine peel, shiso leaves, star anise and cardamom. The Anna Wong is particularly delightful. For those who are unfamiliar with Anna May Wong, she was an American actress who is considered to the first Chinese American Hollywood movie star to gain international recognition. In this cocktail created in her honor, you’ll find tangerine peel infused gin, Osmanthus honey, lemon and egg white making it a sweet, frothy and nostalgic option. While inside the Hong Kong iced tea, avion tequila, lillet blanc, blackcurrant and jasmine tea come together for a flavorful mixture. Trust us, it’s the perfect thing to wash down that peking duck with.


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Interiors courtesy of Mott 32 and Joyce Wang Studio

Food & Beverages by Jesper Mcilroy

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