Gather In The Middle Of A Glacial Lake For A Fairtytale Wilderness Wedding Or Event!
The story of Pumphouse Point starts loooooooong ago (with maybe even more Os). In fact, according to the staff, the real story starts 20,000 years ago, when Australia’s deepest lake, Lake St. Clair, was born on the island of...
by Jake Kilroy

The story of Pumphouse Point starts loooooooong ago (with maybe even more Os). In fact, according to the staff, the real story starts 20,000 years ago, when Australia’s deepest lake, Lake St. Clair, was born on the island of Tasmania. That’s how much of a feature the scenery is for the lakeside hotel.



Thousands of Years Ago

Long after a glacier crashed into the landscape and a ravine took up residence in its carved-out place, the resulting lake gave grand, glorious life to the wild. Astonishing flora and fauna called the lake home, while the land’s first people, known as the Big River Tribe, called the lake Leeawuleena, meaning “Sleeping Water.”



Stumbled upon by Europeans in 1832, the magnificent wilderness, splashed with brilliant sunsets and draped in the shadows of lush foliage, became an inspiration for artists, a playground for explorers, a legend for adventurers, and a marketplace for all sorts of swindlers.



A century later, in 1931, The Overland Track was marked, and hunters and prospectors were reborn as local tourist guides.



By then, industry had set two good feet in the land, and so the soon-to-be-beloved character, our dearest pumphouse, entered the picture. 5 stories high, with magnificent water turbines bringing the state’s hydropower system to surreal life in 1940, the pumphouse stunned.



Decades passed with the site under the control of Tasmania’s government and the care and guidance of its Parks & Wildlife Service. Tourism developers popped in and popped out, unable to conquer what they set out to do—that is, until Simon Currant took hold in 2004, more than ready to power Pumphouse Point back to life.


On January 1st, 2015, after many years of work, Currant finally did what had seemed impossible for so long: he reopened Pumphouse Point, now as a place for rustic hospitality. 

"After a decade of hard work, Simon’s dream finally becomes a reality on January 1st 2015 as 18 rooms fill with excited guests, here to experience one of the world’s most pristine natural environments… from the middle of Australia’s deepest lake! It appears this long and fascinating history is still only the very beginning for Pumphouse Point." 



Wilderness Weddings, Gatherings + Events

Can you imagine a wedding or event here?! Lake St Clair will be the backdrop to your big day or special soiree. Because Pumphouse has 18 rooms, you can completely take over all of them for the most intimate and exclusive experience  imaginable. The team at Pumphouse will help you plan your gathering with setup and execution. 



There are intimate dining spaces, indoor and outdoor entertaining locations, jaw-dropping photo opportunities and the world’s most spectacular aisle – that 240m long! Yes we are talking about the long dock.. Imagine your wedding or event on the dock leading up to the stunning and historic building. Hello wilderness fairytale.



Pillow Talk

With lights aglow in the dark forest night, a cozy 18-room getaway awaits you and your guests with high aims to relax, explore, and treat yourselves.



Honesty Bars

We LOVE this concept. There are two bars at Pumphouse Point… but no bar staff!  Feel free to grab a cup of organic cider or pour yourself a dram of whisky. Drink away and simply record your purchase on the bar list! You are left free to sample the wine list at your own pace… and there’s nobody to tip. 

We miss the gold ol' days when even gas stations were setup this way. It's inspiring to know that places like this still exist, even if they are in the far reaches of the globe. 



Pumphouse or Shorehouse? Your Choice. 

You and your guests can select to stay over the water or over the land. The art-deco style Shorehouse is located on the edge of the lake and is home to an atmospheric dining room and lounge with views of the bushland. 

Pumphouse is set out in the middle of the glacial lake! You will be in a boutique accommodation, surrounded by nature at her most wild. Good luck describing this place to your friends!



Photo and Workshop Retreats

This is a photographers paradise. Photographers thrive in the wild that still surrounds the point. The sparkling land bursts with furry natives—wallabies, quolls, wombats, and Tasmanian devils, to name a few—and the colorful sky’s perpetually dotted with a spectrum of birdlife.




Hikers and bikers alike can’t find a spot they don’t dig, traversing long stretches of Lake St. Clair’s pristine shoreline.



But if you’re more a fan of man than nature, artist Greg Duncan is at work on “The Wall in the Wilderness,” an epic hand-carved history of the central highlands. 3m high and 100m long, transforming massive Huon Pine panels, the artwork is unlike anything else in the world, and you’ll find it at Derwent Bridge.



Shared-Table Dinners

At Pumphouse Point, you can drink up at the bay-windowed lounge facing the lake and surrounding mountains, eat well at the Shorehouse with a two-course set menu, or take in a good book at the small inviting library. 

Each night everyone convenes in the Shorehouse each night for a shared meal! This style of dining is the essence of the Pumphouse Point experience: sharing tables, platters and stories. 



Whether you’re floating in a small rowboat with fresh air in your lungs and hot cocoa in your gut or sleeping away the morning with sunlight sneaking in through your open window, Pumphouse Point offers the beautiful land that’s honored, treasured, and experienced with a stay.



Venue: Pumphouse Point | Photography: Adam Gibson + Stu Gibson


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