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This Mykonos Venue Is So Private It’s Practically Hidden
A brand new seafood-driven restaurant with their own lobster fishing boats, a bar that emphasizes all local fresh ingredients and makes a mean mojito, and an architect’s dream space to gaze out into the Aegean Sea? Alemagou,...
by Alyssa Brown

A brand new seafood-driven restaurant with their own lobster fishing boats, a bar that emphasizes all local fresh ingredients and makes a mean mojito, and an architect’s dream space to gaze out into the Aegean Sea? Alemagou, you have our attention! 



This low-key Bohemian beach bar and restaurant, opened by a couple of brothers and their childhood friends, is infinitely farther removed from the nightlife of Mykonos it sits only a twelve minute drive from.  The story starts with a bad contract for a fake deal and ends with this gorgeously renovated wide-open space, an idyllic venue for any beachside party lasting late into the night.



The Scoop

We recently sat down with Anna-lena Raduenz to get the scoop on all things Alemagou.  The space can hold a party or wedding for about 80-100 guests and is conveniently located to Mykonos, yet couldn’t feel more removed.  



What is the concept behind Alemagou?

The idea and concept behind Alemagou is to offer a place we thought was missing in Mykonos 6 years ago: a chilled-out and easy-going place to take a break from the dominating loud Mykonos craziness, a place to relax in good company with like-minded people, not driven by competition and fashion. 



The menu revisits traditional, well-loved Greek recipes and ingredients to produce simple but intriguing new dishes. The cocktails and the music selection also offer new combinations of favorite ingredients. The architectural design is an extension of the same approach, creating an exciting reinterpretation of tried and tested, traditional building techniques.



How did you find the property or location?
The truth is, accidentally. Andreas was introduced to the previous manager of the place, which was a typical Greek fish tavern at the time, and he offered him the place and hustled him to sign the contract. It turned out to be a trap because he didn't have a valid contract himself anymore. So nothing happened. 



The summer passed and in a late season mood, Andreas was sitting at the beach of Agios Sostis with his dog Taz to recover and let the world behind for a bit, when he started talking to the only other guy on the beach. They ended up having lunch at Kiki´s Tavern and as it turned out, he knew the real owner of today’s Alemagou and offered to introduce Andreas to him. So finally Andreas signed for the place he fell in love with in the first place because he saw its big potential in being something different and needed in Mykonos. He named the restaurant Alemagou, which means in an ancient dialect of Mykonos: Finally!



Who is the team behind Alemagou?

Andreas started the project with his brother 6 years ago and involved common friends over the years until the team was complete 2 years ago.  The team behind Alemagou is a group of childhood friends of two different generations with a shared love for good Greek food and relaxed vibes.   Everyone brought a common vision and years of experience in different businesses and hospitality into the project. The goal was to create an atmosphere of visiting a friend’s place, because they still are friends and want to make everyone feel welcome. As a guest, you have to watch attentively to find them, because even during the stress of daily business you will not find them stressed. They live the concept and enjoy the place they created themselves almost like the guests do.



The Design 

From a design perspective, the space reads more like a spot you’d find in Marfa or Mexico, with the emphasis on using natural elements and blending the structure into its environment rather than fighting it.  Athens-based design group K-Studio took inspiration from the Cycladic architecture of the area and built on that with dry-stone walls, whitewashed surfaces, and a reed-thatched roof.  



Most of the restaurant’s seating is under the canopy, with the bar and terrace being open-air. You can see the beach from any space in the venue and wedding ceremonies are often held right in the sand.



Can you tell us a little bit about the design of the space?

Beneath the canopy is a series of cool screed terraces that flow gradually down from the restaurant to the sand, via the bar and lounging areas. The flow is organized to create designated areas for dining, drinking or relaxing. The combination of naturally occurring elements forms a multi-sensory architecture that sits in harmony with the environment and provides a natural, comfortable refuge from the elements, and creates an exciting, sociable atmosphere.



What do you think makes Alemagou ideal for gatherings, weddings, parties, and other celebrations?

It’s private and very flexible in how to setup the space. It’s unique because of the landscape and it feels like Mykonos from the old days.  It’s a place where you actually feel like you’re in Greece, not just in another designer location that could be anywhere in the world.



Can you share any wild stories about the property?

We have a lot of stories to tell, from burning wedding dresses to wedding celebrations without the bride!  But if you want to hear the real stories of six years creating Alemagou, pass by and have a drink with us!



As Night Falls 

As the sun sets on this waterfront restaurant, it's nothing short of magic. Envision warm breezes, the sparkling Aegean Sea and tunes by the tide as you laugh and dance the night away with your nearest. 

Venue + Photos:  Alemagou Greece

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