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Planning A Beach Trip? You Need To Know About Santa Teresa.
Alyssa Brown
byAlyssa Brown

It’s full of white sandy beaches dotted with beachfront cafes and surf babes. There’s a magical wildlife refuge. Yoga retreats are a dime a dozen. Some are even saying it’s kind of like what Tulum was like ten years ago, before it became the hottest destination in Mexico. So, what is this enchanted place? Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. With all that plus a super rad villa in the jungle, it’s easy to see why this tropical destination is lighting up all our travel radars.

Photography: Johnathan Kjell

Getting to Paradise

They say the road to Heaven is paved with good intentions, but in this case, the road to Heaven isn’t paved at all. In fact, part of what allows Santa Teresa to still feel so untouched and secluded is the trek to get there. You’ll fly into San José then take a small plane to Tambor then drive about 45 minutes on a hilly, unpaved road along the Nicoya Peninsula to arrive at Santa Teresa. Long journey? Sí. Worth it? Yep, you bet.


Photography: Johnathan Kjell

Wellness Central

In a strictly happens-without-trying kind of way, you’ll find yourself getting in touch with your wellness goals in Santa Teresa. A typical day here might include a morning surf, a wander through the rainforest, an afternoon swim followed by a yoga session, and a sunset horseback ride along the beach. All that calorie crushing and you’ll be eating your weight in fresh seafood and plant-based, organic treats at every beachside stop you make it to.


Photography: The Floating House

Where to Stay

Float on stilts above the jungle and peer out on the wild rainforests of Costa Rica from your perch at The Floating House. This three-bedroom luxury villa is open-plan and has huge wrapping terraces with panoramic views of the coastline. The setup is light-filled with giant windows and walls that open right up to the outdoors. Don’t be surprised if a cute little monkey or parrot makes their way inside to chill with you as you crack open a beer and toast to the tropical life.


Photography: Johnathan Kjell | Aggie Lal

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