This New Spa Is Bringing the World's Best Wellness Treatments to Encinitas
It's no secret that Encinitas is the beach town to beat – world class surfing (yes, pro surfers included), an abundance of adorable and most likely vegan eateries, community meditation gardens, yoga studios aplenty...
by The Venue Report

It's no secret that Encinitas is the beach town to beat – world class surfing (yes, pro surfers included), an abundance of adorable and most likely vegan eateries, community meditation gardens, yoga studios aplenty and boutique shopping like no other all call this stretch of coastline home. When we were introduced to the ladies behind this town's newest spa and wellness center, our excitement was all sorts of positive vibrations. Designed to feel like all of your worldly travels rolled up into one beautiful space, Four Moons Spa is bringing holisitic healing and wellness treatments to San Diego County.

We spoke with Four Moons Spa Co-Founder, Courtney Mars, for the exclusive on opening the center and what we can expect from them in 2018.

How did you come across this property as the perfect location for Four Moons Spa?

We love the energy and vibe of Leucadia, so it was easy to fall in love and see the potential of this space! It's a small community and we had a relationship with the property owner from a previous business venture, combined with divine timing and here we are. We like to call it a paradise within a paradise.

What is the backstory behind the spa?

The co-founders, Courtney Mars and Letha Sandison share a love and passion for wellness, design, travel and community. Courtney had been a spa owner for 8 years before moving to Indonesia for a few years to start a family. Letha had just settled in Encinitas after living in Uganda and starting a non-profit fashion label and business model to benefit the children and families of pediatric cancer. They met attending a New Moon Gathering in Encinitas and became fast friends and decided to blend their like-minded experiences and passions to create a modern wellness space offering spa services, various healing modalities as well as events. It was a divinely guided, organic process.


What was the inspiration behind the design and services offered? 

From the moment guests arrive on property thru the pyramid portal, they are immersed in a spiritually vibrant environment that transcends space and time. The inspiration is to feel like you are in a faraway land, without being able to completely put a finger on it. Globally inspired, natural design elements ignite familiarity of once traveled destinations. Blending travels and influences of places far and near, the design and gardens continue to evolve. As inspiration strikes, we will continually refresh design elements inspired by our travel adventures.  

The inspiration behind the services we offer is to appeal to the deeper understanding of self. There is an intimate energy exchange that occurs in every spa or healing treatment and we are fiercely protective of that energy and space as well as the energy and intention of all of our practitioners. We look to provide the most luxurious spa and healing experiences in a warm and welcoming space.



What kind of events are perfect to be held at Four Moons Spa?

Four Moons is so fortunate to have so much land so close to the coast, so we are able to offer the space for any type of event including: Weddings, Bridal Showers, Blessing Ways, Birthday gatherings, Corporate Events + Retreats, Wellness Events, Farm to Table Dinners and more. 

Do you have any fun stories about the process of designing and building the spa?

Our intention was to create a high-vibrational, nurturing environment, that supports guests on their self-care and self-actualization journeys. The space looks VERY different than it’s last incarnation—the original property. There was A LOT of space clearing involved as well as planting crystals and copper rods in the ground to negate geopathic stress and emfs. That coupled with a lot of laughter and a few tears. We are always changing things up a bit to shift the energy and keep the space refreshed. 


Photography: Four Moons Spa

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