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This Gorgeous Floral Installation Is Breaking the Internet
Alyssa Brown
byAlyssa Brown

Sometimes simplicity really steals the show when it comes to event décor, and never has this been more the case than in this absolutely gorgeous floral installation for a florist’s baby shower. Rather than go the typical route and decorate tables with vases filled with colorful flora, Nicole from Soil and Stem went avant-garde with a floating centerpiece that’s organic, free-flowing and a total show-stopper. With nearly 30k likes on Instagram, it’s safe to say this dreamy setup is breaking the internet.

We recently stalked – we mean – caught up with photographer Renata Stone to find out what these special floating pods actually are. Read on to find out in the jump below.



Tell us about this baby shower and your relationship to this mama-to-be :) 

This baby shower was for my good friend Nicole Land (@soilandstem) who is one of the best floral designers in the world (in my humble opinion lol). I wanted to create a vignette that kind of married our two styles together. Her floral style and personal style are very minimal, organic and natural; my style is modern and a bit on the moodier side.

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What was the design inspiration behind this stunning shower? 

I really wanted the space to feel almost like an abandoned building where nature was starting to overtake the building - Nicole had shown me some photos a few years back of an artist series where they had done this to the outside of old houses. I initially asked her to create a floating tumbleweed installation but she one-up'd me by using this gorgeous dried clematis.


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Venue: U. West | Photography +  Concept + Styling: Renata Stone | Florals: Nicole Land


Renata & Jess
Renata & Jess
Big Bear Photo Co
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

We are from Encinitas, CA currently living in and loving Salt Lake City, UT. We are lucky enough to split time between both on a regular basis due to our day jobs. Cali-Utahnians. That's a thing now. - Website

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