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This Moroccan Luxury Hotel Has The Best Spa Services We've Seen
Alyssa Brown
byAlyssa Brown
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La Mamounia

La Mamounia Palace Hôtel Marrakech, Marrakesh, Morocco

When our immediate reaction to seeing photos of a hotel is, “oh wow,” you can bet it’s a goodie. La Mamounia has all the wow factor and now it’s super easy to book on our site. In fact, you can book up to 9 rooms at a time. And trust us, that’s guaranteed to come in handy when you realize that this gorgeous Marrakech luxury hotel would make the perfect place to spend your next birthday.

Picture you and a group of your closest friends wandering the aromatic streets of Marrakech and lounging by the giant pool after a spa treatment (or two). This place gives all new meaning to the phrase, “treat yo’self”.

Book your Moroccan getaway at La Mamounia 


Photography: Spirited Pursuit | The Viennese Girl


Luxe Living

With over 200 rooms, you’re guaranteed to find your version of one that’s just right. Adjoining rooms are easy to come by, so traveling with a posse will have a shared home feel but with the fabulous option of room service. The rooms are cushy and big, full of sunlight and fab amenities. If ever you’ve wanted to wake up feeling like royalty on your birthday, this is the spot to do it.


Photography: The Viennese Girl


Hammam Heaven

You couldn’t possibly get through a bucket list worthy birthday in Morrocco without taking full advantage of a beautiful Hammam. Head to the stunning spa at La Mamounia for a ceremonial massage with Argan oil and Monoi butter, a back scrub or a hot stone massage. Hello, birthday bliss.

Book your Moroccan getaway at La Mamounia 


Photography: The Viennese Girl

So Many Food and Drink Options

Surely you’ll be cruising the streets of Marrakech on the hunt for beautiful wares and delicious foods. But knowing you’ve got all the gourmet dining options at La Mamounia makes it easy to head back to the hotel for an afternoon pick-me-up or multi-course meal splurge. With 4 restaurants – Morrocan, Italian, French and poolside – the options are limitless. For the record, we’ll have the lobster tagine and a bottle of bubbly, please. ‘Cus we gonna party like it’s ya birthday!

Book your Moroccan getaway at La Mamounia 


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