This Snowy Wedding Proves That Winter Is the Dreamiest Season
Winter weddings have that elusive, magical air about them that simultaneously makes you want to have one while also being terrified of the all of the unknown that comes with the season. One couple from the Czech Republic...
by Heather Ash

Winter weddings have that elusive, magical air about them that simultaneously makes you want to have one while also being terrified of the all of the unknown that comes with the season. One couple from the Czech Republic decided to embrace this mysticism with their completely outdoor, remote wedding in the Sumava National Park with sleds and snow-shoes to boot. Winter white, blue and grey hues dominated the day while the bride wore a flower crown befitting a snow queen and a frosty-toned tulle skirt. Drinks were brought along to warm up their winter bones and the day culminated in a family-style, home-cooked meal.

We chatted with photographers Martin and Sue of Everbay for all the details of this wonderful white-out wedding. Read on for the full story and maybe get inspired to have a winter wedding of your own. 

Tell us how this wedding came about and how you became involved.

We were at a wedding fair in Prague and once Katka appeared at our stand and told us about the idea of their wedding in Sumava we were absolutely thrilled about it. Plus they are super kind and funny people :)

Tell us about the couple! 

They are from two different towns in the Czech Republic located some 100 km from each other, but they did not meet at home in the Czech Republic. They met on a 1-year high school exchange program in Quebec, Canada.

Why did the couple choose the woods as the location?

They decided for a winter wedding in nature and wanted all that comes with it to match. 

Any fun stories or moments that stand out from the day?

We would say that girls sledding in dresses from the ceremony made a lot of fun. And the bride wanted to see some deer during the wedding day so it was really nice when the girls got back to the cabin and several deer were eating grass just next to it.


Is there anything special you incorporated from the surrounding area into the day?

Every wedding day we shoot we try to be invisible and capture the flow of the day itself. Katka and Pavel were not big fans of traditions so the whole day was more like a trip with the closest friends. In the morning they prepared for the ceremony and after that, they went sledding, did a hike to a lake, cooked a dinner for themselves and made a fire. They just enjoyed the time with friends and we documented this special day in the most natural way.​

Did you eat or drink anything in the area that was especially memorable?

Bride and groom and all the guests had some warm drinks and spirits because of the freeze and the snow all around :) In the evening, the girls cooked the blueberry dumplings and they grilled sausages by the fire.

From the couple: 

"We have been thinking about getting married for some time and we were simply not very enthusiastic about a traditional wedding or in general the way how people spend their wedding day. And therefore we wanted to have a wedding that would be different and that we would enjoy very much together. We met in snowy Canada and from the very beginning were sure the wedding should take place in the winter, in the mountains, with snow, deer and unicorns around (only the bride cared about unicorns). Everything came true, except the unicorns.

We wanted to have a wedding in our country, in a place where we spend time and that we know and like, therefore our idea was to have the wedding at the icy lake in the national park of Sumava. However we had to make some compromises with the city council who were happy to make the ceremony outside of the city, but not too far away."

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