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You Can Swing Over a Waterfall at This Balinese Jungle Villa
Alyssa Brown
byAlyssa Brown

Located just 20 minutes from Ubud, this hidden jungle escape is surrounded by dense, overgrown jungles and features beautiful views of the Ayung River Valley. The two-story teak wood villa known as Zen Hideaway has three suites, the third of which features a net bed, a swing bed and a very cool swing that sits high atop the trees and swings right over a waterfall below. We’re filing this spot into the bucket list worthy birthday getaway category because of its transformative, peaceful setting that encourages relaxation, meditation and lots of time spent staring off into the palm trees.

Photography: Our Kind Life

Japanese Design With a Connection to the Surroundings

The teak wood structure of the private villa dates back 150 years and is done in a traditional Japanese wabi-sabi architecture style. This ancient philosophy relies on minimalism and embraces imperfection, which in the case of Zen Hideaway, translates to a lot of open space that isn’t overly manicured or particularly luxurious. Instead, it’s simple, comfortable and relies on the natural scenery to be the main draw. The third suite has two master bedrooms, an open-air living and dining area facing the jungle and a large open kitchen space. If waking to the most beautiful sunrise over the treetops, the songs of tropical birds and a warm breeze is on your bucket list, this place has you covered.

Photography: Alfons Taekema | pichayawarit | Shayna Marie

Swings, Swinging Beds and Floating Things

Possibly the most thrilling design detail at Zen Hideaway is its swing that hangs from the tops of two very, very tall palms on the edge of a cliff overlooking the valley and a section of the river below that includes a waterfall. There’s also a net bed build into one of the balconies that makes it feel as though you’re laying on a hammock suspended high above the trees. In the open-air living room you’ll also find a swinging bed that makes a fantastic reading or napping spot. We’d love to spend a birthday morning enjoying a couple of hours of self-guided yoga and meditation followed by a walk through the jungles and a solo swing session.

Photography: Jared Rice | Our Kind Life

A Small Village in the Heart of the Ayung River Valley

Away from the buzz of town, the small village Zen Hideaway calls home isn’t the kind of place where you’ll find trendy cafés and swarms of tourists, but is instead the kind of place where you can practice meditation or maybe meet a few locals and get to know their stories. Better yet, head straight into the jungles and practice moving meditation, noticing and enjoying the beautiful local flora and all the wild living beings that call this tropical landscape home. You might run into coconut pickers, snake charmers or spot a few monkeys or beautifully colored birds along your journey. As far as birthday goals go, finding a pocket of serenity in the wild jungles of Indonesia has always been high on our bucket list. If you’re looking for a beautiful beach to enjoy a little lounge time in the sunshine on your b-day, Canggu is one of the best and it’s just under an hour’s drive from the house.

Photography: Jared Rice

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