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You’ll Want to Take This Cocktail on Every Autumn Outing This Season
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The Pearl Hotel

1410 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA, United States

The beginning of fall is often welcomed by all things pumpkin overwhelming every grocery store shelf, coffee shop and recipe. You may be thinking, “I am SO over pumpkin well… everything.” Don’t fret, for we have a fresh fall recipe full of pumpkin like you’ve never tasted before. It’s the perfect make-ahead drink to take along to your fall picnics, backyard gatherings and seasonal parties that will have all who try it passionate for pumpkin.

The libation crafters at Barçon Cocktail Co. are sharing their impossibly tasty recipe for The Indian Summer drink. It’s sweet yet tart with notes of spice and fruit so, if you like flavors of lemon, cinnamon or pumpkin, this is the drink for you. If a smoky flavor profile is more your thing, check out another one of our favorites, The Great Smoky Cocktail, here.




Say hello to this transitional summer to fall cocktail. With a hint of lemon and and notes of pumpkin pie, this is sure to be everyone's drink of choice for autumn outings. 



How to Make The Indian Summer cocktail

Here’s what you’ll need:
Elegant Liquor Glasses or use this Stanley Camping Thermos for on-the-go autumn activities (promises to keep your iced beverage cold up to 120 hours)
Cocktail Mixing Glass
2 Piece Cocktail Shaker
Steel Jiggers (1 Ounce x 2 Ounce)

Lighter (this rechargeable windproof lighter is perfect for the outdoors)


1.5oz Rum 
1.oz Pumpkin Juice
1.oz Lemon Simple Syrup (mix fresh lemon juice into simple syrup)
Pumpkin Juice
Lemon Simple Syrup
Cinnamon + Sugar (for the rim)
Crushed Ice
1 Orange (use a lighter to lightly burn the rind) 


Step 1. Add ice, 1.5oz Rum, 1.oz lemon simple syrup, 1.oz pumpkin juice into your Cocktail Mixing Glass and stir
Step 2. Prep your glass by using an orange to wet the rim and dipping it in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Pour mixture into glass.
Step 3. Use a potato peeler to peel an orange rind. Using a lighter, lightly burn the orange rind (this creates that delicious smoky aroma!)
Step 4. Enoy!


A Word from the Bartender 
Add in some fresh squeezed orange juice for more zip. Not a fan of rum? Sub a cinnamon whiskey instead! 



Book your fall event at The Pearl here. Share your next gathering using #getoutandgather



Venue: The Pearl Hotel | Cocktails: Barçon Cocktail Co.  | Tabletop: Hostess Haven 


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