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You’re Going To Want To Deck Out Your Luggage With These Limited Edition Labels
The Venue Report
byThe Venue Report

The Venue Report promotes the age-old tradition of gathering & exploration by connecting a collective audience of travelers, celebrators & destinations in over 90 countries. We focus on togetherness, community and the celebration of life through storytelling & highlighting exceptional spaces, places & locales across the globe. What better way to track your travels then to document them right on your suitcase with our bygone era inspired exclusive Luggage Labels.

Put them on your luggage, passport, or anything else you travel with so they can go along for the ride!



Bring Back A Bygone Era With Modern Flair

Just as a passport collects stamps from grounds you’ve covered, sights you’ve beheld and places you’ve rested your head, luggage is an integral part of your travels. Suitcases were once adorned with luggage labels as a declaration of love to the destinations and hotels adventured to. It was through these badges of honor that your story was told to other travelers, sparking romantic conversation with kindred explorers by proudly sharing the parts of the world you experienced. Luggage labels were the original Instagram.



Travel Is A Collection Of Experiences, Not Things

Bring back this bygone era by proudly displaying these love notes from your favorite corners of the world. Recall the gracious era of travel with modern day flair for your suitcase reminiscent of an age focused on the journey rather than destination. Collect and curate these limited edition labels and return to a time when leisure travel was new, exploratory, revolutionary. After all, travel is a collection of experiences, not things.



"What do we find on old luggage? We find the traces of… the places visited. We will follow these, and with them, we will tour the world, not in eighty days like Phileas Fogg, but much faster still." - Gaston-Louis Vuitton



How to:
You love your patches and pins. We love flair too. Adhere this modern day luggage label flair, inspired by a bygone era to your suitcase as you travel.

Stay tuned for our Camp Collection coming soon!


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