11 Spooky-Chic Decor Ideas for This Year’s Halloween Party
So, it’s already October, and if you are like us, you are already thinking about what your Halloween plans will be. We like to think a costume party with fake spider webs and an eyeball punch bowl sounds fun, but you know what...

So, it’s already October, and if you are like us, you are already thinking about what your Halloween plans will be. We like to think a costume party with fake spider webs and an eyeball punch bowl sounds fun, but you know what sounds even better? A chill night with you and your closest friends with a touch of sophistication. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite Halloween party decor ideas that will surely turn you away from that cheap plastic decor at your local party store and convince you to take it up a notch.

Reporter: Adam Szafranski

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Make it Minimal

Wassamatter? Did a black cat cross your path or are you overwhelmed by all of the decor directions that Halloween has you headed on? Take a peek at how the design geniuses behind Archive Rentals gussied up their table. Simply spruce up a simple wood table with black bentwood chairs, some deep charcoal ravens and eery floating brush to bring in the vibes of scary movie "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock. 

Design: But First Party | Floral Installation: Ashley Renuart 
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Choose a Theme

Photo by Sabine West
We’ve been there, and we know, choosing a theme for any type of party is so hard. When we stumbled on this amazing Friends-themed Halloween party by designer Michelle Rogers, the FOMO really set in. From the “smelly cat” accents to the “how you doin’” donuts, this theme will surely attract all of your friends and family, maybe even the “Ugly Naked Guy” across the street.
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Switch It up With a Pastel Palette

Put your napkins in your laps and switch up your Halloween party game. We know, we know, it's so easy to bust out the traditional orange, white and black. But oh what fun it is to incorporate a pretty pastel palette with candy colored spiders crawling up balloons and the legs of your table. 

Design + Rentals: Archive Rentals | Floral Design: Foxtail Florals 
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Dress up Your Stairway

For this next one, we recommend making sure there are no kids and pets around. Dress up your stairway with this stunning design by Just Bespoke! If this isn’t spooky-chic, then what is?
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5pc Flatware Set Matte Black - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia ($19.99)

The quickest way to dress up your festive dining table is with this sleek, matte-black flatware set. If Chip & Joanna approve of these, you might as well too!
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Balloon Installation

Who doesn’t love a good balloon installation? This creative look by Just Bespoke has us ready to host our Halloween party as of yesterday. If a ‘crawling’ installation out of your fireplace doesn’t fit your vibe, take it to new heights! No, seriously, building the installation up the walls and on to the ceiling will definitely be the perfect photo backdrop.
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Switch up the Cocktail Look

We know you’ve been wanting to show off that new bar cart to your friends, so here’s your chance! Spooky libations are definitely the way to go for this year’s Halloween party. To really take it up a notch, add activated charcoal to your shaker cup and serve over ice.

Source: Just Bespoke
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Floral Moon Pumpkin DIY

You heard it here first, BYOP(umpkin). This cute floral moon pumpkin DIY from The Merry Thought is a great way to get your guests excited to attend. Carving pumpkins is super fun and all, but do you know what sounds even better? No messy cleanup!
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Spooky but Beautiful Flower Arrangements

“Florals just aren’t for Halloween” – said no one ever. Our team recommends going all out for your festive get-together! When putting together centerpieces and installations, use flowers with dark & moody colors, as well as foliage with weird and unusual shapes.
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Sabrina Pumpkin Tumblers, Set of 4 ($56)

Photo by Anthropologie
Paired with minimal flatware and a gorgeous serveware set, these pumpkin tumblers will definitely be a conversation starter while sitting around the table. Pro tip: create a fun drinking game where your guests have to use these glasses for the night.
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Incorporate Timeless Place Settings

There is nothing like a good party to justify upping your dinner party game. Instead of purchasing themed pumpkin plates, opt for something more neutral that can be used year round. This year’s Fall Serveware Collection from Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia is a true stunner – There’s no limit in our online shopping cart, right? Just imagine your friends and family eating off of these all night long. Plus, who knows, everyone might want to help do the dishes.

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