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7 Tips & Tricks for Throwing an Outdoor Full Moon Party

If you keep up with wedding and event blogs, accounts or sites, you've probably come across a celestial-inspired summer party full of moody colors, rich textures and candles, lots of candles. But what about an event focused on the actual phases of the moon? The Southern Influence and Archive Rentals recently thought just that and planned an entire dinner party around the full moon. Planned down to the day, the created a laid-back evening at The Wayback Austin filled with good food, good company and good conversation... and, of course, the full moon. We caught up with planners, The Southern Influence about designing a dinner party around the moon cycle and got their tips for creating your own full moon dinner party.


Rentals: Archive Rentals | Planning: The Southern Influence | Venue + Catering: The Wayback Austin | Florals: Gypsy Floral | Bar: Serendipity Wines, Lapis Luna Wines, Austin Beerworks, Wine for the People | Photography: Heather Thompson

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Choose a Dynamic Venue

The venue is everything, so look for a place with character, areas of shade and plenty of space. Our location, The Wayback Austin, provides an open-air experience set amid three acres of Live Oak trees, twinkling lights and rolling hills. 
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Have an Eye on the Weather

Always pay attention to the weather. This one is a no-brainer but when hosting an event outside, weather should be one of your top considerations. 
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Bring the Fine China Outside

Set the table with real china, silverware, and glasses. Give your guests a memorable, thoughtful experience using beautiful plating and decor to encourage long conversations. Nothing says "speed up" like a paper plate.
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Keep the Menu Seasonal

Curate a unique, seasonal menu. The Wayback Café chef, Richard Roettgen, prepared four dishes for dinner with locally sourced seasonal ingredients such as a watermelon salad and lamb with summer squash.
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Go for Communal Tables for Conversation

Think outside-the-box when it comes to seating. We rented farmhouse tables from Archive Rentals so all of our guests could have the chance to get to know one another. After all, a dinner party is the perfect time to build community or grow your network. 
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Think Beyond Dinner

Set up one or more activities in addition to dinner. For example, we offered live music and tarot card reading to further elevate the event. 
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Study the Moon Calendar

Be sure to check your calendar. A full moon dinner party is obviously planned around a full moon but there are all types of moons throughout the year (i.e. Flower Moon in May, Strawberry Moon in June, Buck Moon in July), so get creative!

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