15 of The World’s Best Travel Destinations To Explore in May

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Travel bug got you good this spring? We truly believe that the only way to kick it is by planning a trip. Whether you’re wondering about places to visit in California's wine country or looking for a jungle vibe in the Amazon, interested in island hopping or exploring historic towns, there’s a little something for every type of traveler to peruse in the month of May.
Reporter: Alyssa Brown | Location: Oia, Greece

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photo Gypsea Lust


Oia, Greece
You can avoid big swaths of tourist crowds by visiting Greece in May. Spend your days island hopping on a small chartered boat, or soak up the sun and local culture in Mykonos. Either way, you can count on temps to be high and chances of rain to be low in Greece this time of year.
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Panama | Stay At: The American Trade Hotel

May in Panama is part of the green season, meaning it’s lush and vibrant with tropical blooms. While it may rain in the afternoons, as most tropical destinations do, May in Panama is a great time to head to the Caribbean beaches of Colon, San Blas and Bocas del Toro. And not to be forgotton are some of the rad hotels popping up like The American Trade Hotel.
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Lençóis Maranhenses National Park
Considered low-season in Brazil, May brings generally good weather and smaller crowds. If it’s city life you’re interested in exploring, May is a great time of year to head to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. And if it’s the rainforests, mountains, jungles, beaches, and Amazonian landscape you’re into, May is prime time.
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South Africa | Stay At: Singita Lebombo Lodge

May is one of the best months of the year to visit South Africa on a safari, as it’s known to be the start of the dry season and the animals are all coming out of their hibernation spots in search of waterholes. It’s also generally a less touristy time of year, so exploring national parks and life in the cities may be a little more low-key.
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Kungsträdgården, Stockholm
If it’s sunshine and wildflowers you’re after, Sweden is best to explore as springtime is rolling in. Travelers can expect as much as 18 hours of sunshine on a late May day, making hiking and outdoor activities into day-long adventures. Whether it’s foraging for wild berries and mushrooms in the countryside or checking out the palaces and cherry blossoms in Stockholm, there’s no shortage of activities to seek out on those long May days in Sweden.
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Louisville | Stay At: 21c Museum Hotel Louisville

Why Kentucky? The Derby, of course! Taking place in the first weekend of May, this year marks the 143rd annual celebration of the Kentucky Derby. As if that’s not enough of a reason to head to the Bluegrass State, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is in full-on production mode and it’s alive with flowers blooming throughout the month of May. So, dust off your fancy hats and shine your silver mint julep cups, y’all.
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Lake Hemet, California
Surely you’ve heard by now that California is officially out of the drought period and is exploding with a wildflower super bloom. It won’t be around forever, but April and May should be filled with flowers. Tours of Yosemite, Antelope Valley, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, and even up to Napa and Sonoma are sure to impress throughout the month of May.
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Venice | Stay At: Aman Venice Hotel

Admittedly, Italy has no bad months. It’s basically always beautiful in the hills of Tuscany, along the canals of Venice and in the streets of bustling Rome. A comfortably warm start to summer, May offers green budding vineyards and slightly smaller crowds than you’ll see later in the summer months. Expect markets to be full of delicious produce and the sunshine to be abundant.
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Argentina | Stay At: The Vines Resort

May is considered late autumn in Argentina, and visitors can expect Mendoza’s wine country and the Lake District to be alive with colorful foliage. Generally a less popular time of year to travel to Argentina, May is ideal for a relaxing vacation without the buzz of other tourists messing with your vibe.
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From adventuring in the Amazonian rainforests to checking out Medellin’s nightlife to exploring the walled city of Cartegena’s Old Town, there’s a little something for every type of travel bug in Colombia. From tropical seaside resorts on the Caribbean side to coffee plantations in the lush countryside, Colombia’s got no shortage of beautiful spots to travel in May.
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Byron Bay | Stay At: Byron Beach Abodes

While the rest of Australia’s preparing for winter in May, the end of fall in Byron Bay means short days with pretty perfect weather. A part of the country that’s packed with tourists throughout summer and spring, Byron Bay is great to visit in the month of May when it’s easier to get around and to book a room at one of the cute and cozy, design-savvy bungalows in town.
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Negril, Jamaica
May is considered a shoulder season in Jamaica, with lower rates for accommodations and smaller groups of tourists coming in and out on cruise lines and the like. While it’s on the cusp of heading into rainy days, early May is usually pretty dry and lovely, perfect for hanging on the blue lagoons, coffee plantations and pristine beaches.
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With long days and warm temperatures, May in Nepal marks the end of springtime and wildflower season. With the last of the rhododendrons still in bloom, visitors can expect the hills and mountains to shine with hues of varying pinks and reds.
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With cooler temps and little rain, May in Madagascar is prime season for getting around as a visitor. Explore the blue safaris of the marine preserves or island hop through the archipelagos. Rolling green hill treks, deep sea scuba dives, quiet beaches, and traditional villages are just a few of the highlights.
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Spain | Stay At: Hotel Cort

No matter what Spanish city you’re headed to in May, you’re bound to come upon some sort of festival. Why’s that? Because it’s one of the most beautiful months of the year, of course. After a long season of rain, the spring flowers are blooming throughout the cities, towns and countryside and the people of Spain take to the streets to celebrate.
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