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Are You a Maid of Honor? Here Are 10 Tips to Help You Get Started
Did your sister, relative or bestie just get engaged? Congratulations! You have a fun season ahead of you, especially if you’ve been asked to be the maid of honor. It’s an honor that leaves you with wonderful lasting memories,...
photo by Alice Mahran
Did your sister, relative or bestie just get engaged? Congratulations! You have a fun season ahead of you, especially if you’ve been asked to be the maid of honor. It’s an honor that leaves you with wonderful lasting memories, a somewhat smaller bank account and a list of celebratory duties to fulfill over the next year. So what exactly does a maid of honor do? Most of the work comes towards the end of the planning process so to start, just celebrate! Then get down to the business of being the best friend a bride could ask for. 

No matter what role you play in the big day, the key is open communication with the bride and all parties so that she feels supported, the work gets done and everyone has fun!

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Shop for the Dress

If you’re able to be in the same city when the bride-to-be is wedding dress shopping, you’ll want to be in attendance. Supporting her in her decision and seeing her select “the one” is a moment you won’t want to miss. See the most Pinned wedding dress of all time → 
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Shop for the Bridesmaid Dresses

As the leader of the pack, help the bride coordinate any efforts and lend your assistance in selecting the bridal party attire. This is something to get excited about. After all, this is your look too! Get inspired with these affordable finds → 
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Wrangle the Rest of the Bridal Party When and as Needed

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Sometimes the MOH’s job is also that of the PR manager. If and when needed, coordinate the bridal party efforts, schedules and hopefully good attitudes all around.
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Host or Co-Host a Bridal Shower

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This may or may not be a duty you will need to fulfill. If there are lots of aunts, cousins or female relatives, you may find her shower hosted by someone else. In that case, it’s nice to offer to assist instead of host. If you are hosting, don’t be shy about asking other bridesmaids to co-host and share in costs too. Find your bridal shower venue →
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Attend a Meeting or Two If She Needs You To

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Sometimes the MOH will pinch hit for the fiancé or family members participating in the wedding planning. If she loves your style and values your opinion, you might offer to join in on a sample session or fill in when needed.
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Plan the Bachelorette Party

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These days, planning bridal events are often a group effort so don’t stress that you have to do it alone. Chat with the bride about her wants and then get the rest of the bridesmaids in on the planning. Whether a destination bachelorette party or simply a special night out on the town, show her a good time before the Mrs. Get bachelorette party inspiration →
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Act as an Honorary Lady in Waiting on the Wedding Day

Stand by your bestie as she ties the knot, needs her lipstick touched up and perhaps even needs some help navigating a bathroom break. Help her get ready on the day of and show everyone what a good time you’re having doing it. That will help get the party started for her and the rest of the guests.
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Give a Toast at the Reception

This may sound a tad scary for some, so keep it short and sweet and simply speak from the heart. 
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Decorate the Wedding Night Suite

When you have a spare moment and you know the couple won’t be returning to their room again until the night is over, gather some bridesmaids (or groomsmen) and decorate the wedding night suite. This could be as simple as rose petals placed on the bed (be careful of red, they could damage the linens) or creating custom signage, blowing up balloons, and leaving behind sweets. Anything you think the couple would appreciate coming home to, as a small surprise at the end of the evening is perfect. 
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Just Be There

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Be there to listen to her vent about the budget or worry about the weather. Be there to congratulate her on finding a venue and complimenting her dress of choice. Be there to celebrate the highs and walk her through the lows. Just like you always have as a sister, confidant or best friend, just be there for her. And do your best to do it with a smile!

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