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With all the summer flash sales in our email inboxes right now, June travel plans are hot on our agenda. If you're anything like us, you're just about ready to break out the flowy dresses and pop open a cool bottle of bubbly. Just wait one hot sec though, we've gathered our hit list of destinations worth scouting out this June and we're taking you along for the fantasy ride. Coral reefs? Check. Ancient mountain towns? Check. Pink dolphins? Check. Not ready for June? Check out the May travel guide here.

Reporter: Alyssa Brown | Location: Hvar, Croatia
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Philippines | Stay At: El Nido Resorts

June is the beginning of low season in the Philippines, which means that while you may see a torrential downpour during your trip, you should be able find really good deals on hotels. With over 7,000 islands to explore, you’ll certainly want to do your research before heading out on this journey, but we highly recommend the surfer haven of Siargao and the limestone landscape of El Nido. Don’t forget to pack your snorkeling gear! Places to stay in the Philippines.
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With its gorgeous beaches and (possibly) even more gorgeous people, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast fills up in the summertime. There's something magical about that June air and the way it brings out all the locals and tourists alike. Whether you're in it for a game of handball in the shallow water or just sipping rosé as the sun sets, Croatia is bound to be a Euro fave.
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Pyramids of Giza

Egypt can get hot, hot, hot! But with temps mostly in the 70s-90s, June is nothing you can’t handle. Zip around Cairo for a few days then make your way to the famous Pyramids of Giza, tour the tombs of the Pharoahs or hop on a cruise down the Nile.
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Semuc Champey

Hiking aficionados, Guatemala should surely be on your bucket list. Trekking through the Highlands and visiting the many ancient Mayan villages are just a couple of the highlights. And for those up for an epic tale of adventure travel, Semuc Champey is a huge limestone formation that surrounds a series of natural pools and waterfalls. June's perfect weather should make the trek just a wee bit easier.
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Bora Bora | Stay At: Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

So, it's pretty much perfect year-round in Bora Bora and June is no exception. For those who love the sea, the overwater bungalows and easy access to all things marine life are a huge hit. And hey, if you get bored of hanging with the manta rays and coral reefs, you can always give hiking Mt Ohue and Mt Pahia a few hours of your attention. Places to stay in Bora Bora.
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Peru | Stay At: Belmond Hotel Monasterio

June hits during Peru’s dry season, making it the best time of year to head to the Inca Trail for a four-day trek to Machu Picchu. If you’re more the marine life type, head to the Amazon to scope out the rainforests and search for the river’s famed pink dolphins. Places to stay in Peru.
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Kauai | Stay At: The Palmwood

June is still considered low season in Kauai, making it a great time to head to the island for good deals on airfare and hotel rates. Exploring the Kalalau Trail along the coast or the lush vegetation of Waimea Canyon will give you all the Aloha vibes you've been craving. Don't forget to grab a shaved ice for a sweet treat or snatch a fresh mango en route to whatever your sandy destination. Places to stay in Kauai.
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Amalfi Coast | Stay At: Le Sirenuse

Anyone who’s been to Italy knows there’s no bad time to go. Since June has pretty perfect weather in the north and central areas, with warm days in the south, this is a great time of year to stroll along the canals of Venice, wander the history-rich streets of Rome, and visit Florence’s famed museums. Finish it all off with a little yachting on the Amalfi Coast and some afternoon spritzers and you’ll never want to leave. Places to stay near the Amalfi Coast.
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St. Kitts & Nevis | Stay At: Belle Mont Farm

St. Kitts experiences its sunniest month in June, so better pack that SPF! With ten hours of sunshine all day erryday, lounging on the beach, going for a snorkel, boating around, or trying your hand at paddle boarding is all fair game. Know before you go: there's a huge music festival here in June. Plan accordingly! Places to stay in St. Kitts & Nevis.
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Boston | Stay At: The Verb Hotel

A fabulous city for long walks, afternoon reading sessions, and grabbing a small-batch brew, Boston has all the ease of a lazy East Coast summer in June. Did we mention the food scene is on fire right now? Keep your eyes peeled for fresh shucked oysters, new takes on classic chowdahs and more. Places to stay in Boston.
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Rocky Mountains

There's nothing as fresh as that crisp Rocky Mountain air as spring turns to summer in Colorado. By the time June rolls around, wildflowers are out in full bloom and all the snow pack seems like a thing of the past. Know what that means? June is the perfect time to head out on a hike, go for a horseback trek, take a mountain bike ride, or just go for a picnic in the mountains. Get on out! Places to stay in Colorado.
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Majorca | Stay At: Villa Sant Francesc

Just on the brink of summer, June in Majorca brings warm temps and long, sunny days. From the gorgeous coastlines to the medieval villages and wild terrain, this mountainous island offers tons of exploration. Tip: make time to head to the village of Deià to check out the old Moorish scene. Places to stay near the Balearic Islands.
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London | Stay At: The Hoxton Shoreditch

For a city that’s otherwise known for gloomy weather, June almost always brings out the sunshine in London. Check out the shopping at Dover Street Market for high brow fashion or head over to the Thursday flea markets at Old Spitalfields. Or, for a particularly offbeat experience, the Wellcome Collection is a museum of strange curiosities ranging from medical anomalies to whacky modern art installations that are sure to get your brain churning. Places to stay in London.
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