The Shipwreck Summer Collection

A shipwreck summer is a feeling. It's wind in your hair, sand in your toes, and the salty mist of the sea on your cheeks. It's a carefree, washed ashore mermaid vibe surrounded by driftwood and rocky shores with tables that are messy, imperfect and not fussed over. It's shucking oysters yourself and not caring that your hands are dirty. It's drinking rosé straight from the bottle and collecting seashells while doing it. Maybe it's a pirate state of mind. We’ve sailed the great seas, swam in deep oceans, kayaked rivers, and dipped into creeks to bring you our not-so-basic beach summer soirée collection. Whether you’re looking to throw a party at a rusty old docking station or soak up some ocean air in the Carolinas, come discover resorts in the South, remote glamping spots, and even a place where you can host a storm watching party in British Columbia's best kept secret cove complete with rainforests. So, if you’re looking to get shipwrecked with your best of friends this summer, we’ve got you covered.

Alderbrook Station

A massive event space on stilts, Alderbrook Station is like an untouched relic of 1903. With Columbia River views, observation decks, tons of windows, and raw old wood everywhere you look, this rustic historic warehouse will make you feel like you’re on an old pirate ship without having to worry about getting motion sickness. Throwing a party of raucous proportion would be the only way to go with a spot this cool.
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Wickaninnish Inn

When the rugged coastline, wild forests, and cool night temps of the Pacific Northwest are calling your name, Wickannish might be exactly where your ship docks next. This beautiful hotel is perfect for an intimate wedding of 50 or so guests, with a ceremony on the crushed shell beach or in the Redwood forest that butts up to the ocean’s edge. There’s absolutely nothing basic about these picturesque views! You can also throw a storm watching party here!
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photo Arielle Vey

Cabanas Cuatro Cutaros

Anything but basic, the sea views at Cabanas Cuatro Cuatros will make you think you’ve reached some secret Mexican utopia. With 12 luxury tents set amongst the mountaintops of coastal Ensenada, this is a pretty epic glamping spot for a crew that’s down for a weekend of desert living. Explore on horseback, or enjoy a party out by the shipwrecked old fishing boats tucked back in the vineyard gardens.
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A Starry Seaside Soiree

New Jersey
You don't have to find a far-flung fabulously white sandy beach to strand yourselves on for a shipwreck'd good time. A local, uncrowded beach, a beautiful bell-tent, maybe a little rose and a crackling campfire surrounded by your favorite faces should do just fine. Lucky for us, good friends, Kristin Polhemus of Reveriemade and photographer Michelle Lange shot this beautiful setup and dished with this how-to-guide so that you can recreate your own romantic, shipwreck summer feel.  Now get out there and find your little slice of heaven to swing your sun bleached hair in the salt kissed air. Read more here. 
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The 1877 Tall Ship Elissa

Galveston, Texas
All aboard! This historic Scottish ship once transported a Phoenician princess and it now sits in the port of Galveston as a living maritime museum that would make for one epic nautical summer soiree. Boarding this 19th century sailboat is like taking a step back in time and we’re willing to bet any party hosted here would be a gathering your friends would be throwing elbows for invites to.
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photo Matt Johnson

Shipwreck Survival

Ok.. so let's say you do a full on Gilligan's Island move and pick out the perfect ship-to-shore beach of your own. The Beach People with It-girl cool 'roundie' towels will tell you exactly how to survive. JK.. But if you want to know how to throw a shipwrecked beach bash of your own.. here ya go!
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Satellite Island

Ever wanted to be shipwrecked on your own private island? Now's the chance. Satellite Island has never before been accessible to the public. It remains utterly unspoilt. With 360° views of this southern hemisphere wilderness—a mix of beautiful native bush, ancient blue gums, sheer sea cliffs, pebble beaches and sunny coves—Satellite Island is a secluded secret hideaway, yours alone to explore. "Wake to the sound of sea birds, and take breakfast out on the deck before heading off on one of the island's stunning walking tracks. In the afternoon take the kayaks out and explore the island from the water.  Light a fire on the pebble beach and enjoy the sunset with a glass of Tasmanian wine and some freshly shucked wild oysters – the perfect end to a day on your own private island." 
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photo Via Eater


Dock your boats and make way to this stellar nautical restaurant for champagne and oysters with your pals. Tucked off-shore in the Wallington area of Seattle, Westward has gorgeous water views, firepits by the lake, and a bar made out of an old wooden ship that gives this spot its moniker. This place would be amazing for a little rehearsal dinner that’s a reprieve from the city hustle and bustle.
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Washed Ashore Tipi Beach Venue

Beaches Anywhere
Imagine this… You invite your favorite guys and gals to a Summer BBQ beach bash. You don’t tell them too many details outside of the date and location. You put on your newest breezy beach dress in a soft sandy color.  You find the perfect little patch of heaven on the beach with sun bleached sand and salt kissed air. You set up your geometric IKO Pop Up, create lounge seating vignettes from mounds of sand covered with blankets. You sprinkle a few candles amongst the area and have your cute little cooler of appetizers at the ready. Throw on some tunes next to the tides.. Easy, peasy, shipwreck steezy. 
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West Shore Cafe and Inn

What with the abundance of jet skis, kayaks, sailboats, and water sports of all extremes, Tahoe’s West Shore could certainly never be considered basic. This charming Café and Inn is home to a number of suites and villas and can host a party of up to 215 guests or serve as a pretty awesome meet-up spot for your vacationing crew. Tahoe is easily one of the best places to spend a summer surrounded by your friends and fam, soaking up UV rays and getting all that boating in.
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Hog Island Oyster

Marin County, CA.
T​his is one destination where we’d be more than happy to get shipwrecked and wash ashore! Host a foggy ocean seaside picnic at the famous Hog Island Oyster.  Surrounded by water on all fronts it provides summer respite for many an adventurer looking to escape everyday life. Imagine long afternoons spent on boats with friends and evenings spent shucking oysters with lavender lemonade and a good tunes drifting over the water, sounds like sweet summertime to us!

Design: Buzzworthy Events
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Rockwater Secret Cove Resort

Oh Canada, we can’t keep this cove a secret! As you walk the galley ways through the eucalyptus trees and glowing tent houses, you’ll wonder if this Sunshine Coast retreat isn’t actually the setting for Treasure Island. Rockwater is a gorgeous wedding venue, getaway, or party spot for the rainforest-on-a-beach inclined or anyone hoping to spend some time outdoors in the vast glory of Mother Nature.
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Sanderling Resort

If you’ve ever been to the Carolinas, you’re probably very familiar with that salty, misty ocean smell along the coast that drums up memories of years past. Sanderling Resort is exactly the kind of place you go to create new memories and soak up that warm Atlantic breeze. This cozy resort offers water activities in abundance and features multiple event spaces for those planning to make a weekend out of their summer soiree.
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South Seas island Resort

Captiva, Florida
The name alone should cement it's seaworthy, shipwreck summer status: Captiva Island. So captiva your closest crew at this iconic 330-acre wildlife preserve that spans two and a half miles of pristine white-sand beaches framing the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Set ashore at Sunset Cove where white sand meets the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the sun sets on the horizon, dolphins jump playfully within sight, and birds soar above. Palm trees sway in the gentle breeze. Pretty paradisical and perfect for a non-basic beach wedding or sweet & sunny afternoon with friends. 
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photo Sally Pinera

El Matador State Beach

Morro Bay, California
Be the most beautiful, barefoot bride at this rugged and rocky Cali coastline, which can actually be booked for a dreamy affair. Accentuate your foggy or sunlit day with grey linens, wisps of calligraphed parchment paper and shells found by the shore. Go through the California state park website, here.

Design: Kelly Oshiro and Poppy Design Co 
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photo Grand Banks

Grand Banks

New York, New York
Allll aboard!!!! Collect your crew and climb aboard Grand Banks, a floating oyster bar run by Alex and Miles Pincus, two brothers from New Orleans, and Adrien Gall in New York. Imagine clinking glasses and slurping briny oysters while the sun sets on a perfect summer day, the boat sways softly with the tide, breeze blowing in your hair and your favorite faces right where you like them, near you. 
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Inn at Perry Cabin by Belmond

St. Michael's, Maryland
Batten down the hatches and let’s get this party started! Doesn’t get any more East Coast than this luxury Maryland inn that has its own sailing academy. Accommodations here at Perry Cabin are gorgeous and there are lots of lawns available for a party or wedding with a water view. Anyone else up for a crab boil? We’d be thrilled to throw a let’s get shipwrecked soiree in these digs!
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photo Stu Gibson

Pumphouse Point

We'd gladly shipwreck ourselves with our friends for a weekend getaway at the wildly fabulous Pumphouse Point, a boutique wilderness retreat situated inside the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park, one of the most celebrated Wilderness World Heritage Areas on the planet. The property features the adaptive re-use of industrial art deco buildings, originally built during the 1930s as a state-of-the-art facility to pump water from Lake St Clair to the nearby Tarraleah Power Station. The industrial site was decomissioned in the early 90s and has now been converted to offer 18 rooms of exquisite accommodation, comfy lounges, atmospheric dining, roaring fires and a range of exciting wilderness experiences.  One of these buildings, the Pumphouse, is spectacularly positioned 240m out over Lake St Clair - Australia's deepest lake! The other building, the Shorehouse, is a stunning example of art deco design located on the lake's edge and contains the lounge/dining/entertainment venue with giant windows, deck area and exceptional views of the Pumphouse, lake, forest and mountains beyond.
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Beaches Of Australia

Why not take a few dreamy shipwreck styling tips from the pros?  A Vintage Affair Events "We brought our inspiration into our color palette with the muted colors and textures created in the tablescape, while the bold colors, chosen by Sassybird Flowers for the bouquet and centerpiece, popped against the pastel skies and jagged, earth toned rocks. We incorporated found elements from the beach into the shoot to tie everything together. Our table was a wooden palette that had been left on the beach, and over time it gathered barnacles and was faded by the sun and ocean air."

Design + Planning: A Vintage Affair Events
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The Crows Nest Montauk

Montauk, New York
What if we told you there's a gorgeous & worldy  "beach shack" where rose flows like the salmon of San Juan Capistrano either lakeside OR beachfront... both are walking distance from these cute & cozy David Pharoah cottages, restaurant & bar.  Make sure to gather your swarthiest mates at the Crow's Nest Montauck and serve the summer signature cocktail 'the boat drink' with bean soliel oysters for appetizers on the washed ashore beach with flowing reeds and driftwood. 
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Bonnet Island Estate

Manahawkin, New Jersey
How does a private coastal island gathering in a quaint boathouse chapel sound?  Bonnet Island Estate is a wonderful waterfront  venue in Manahawkin, New Jersey for weddings or gatherings of all kinds. Not only is the boathouse chapel all kinds of magic for yoru ceremony but the majestic ballroom and private guest suites emulate sophistication and luxury. From gorgeous English garden landscaped grounds and panoramic bay views to the seriously cool ballroom - 250 guests can boogie down in a ballroom with high wood-framed ceilings made to resemble the inverted hull of a classic sailing ship. Floor to ceiling windows allow the beauty of the bay and stars to be the beautiful backdrop of your day, even indoors. 

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