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A Rainbow Summer Punch Surprise B-Day Bash at Our Office
The Venue Report
byThe Venue Report

Birthdays are a big deal here at The Venue Report, it’s the perfect time to take time out of our day to gather, celebrate and enjoy one another’s company around a shared meal (and possibly even a cocktail). Being that our company is all about gatherings and bringing people together, our close-knit team allows for every birthday to be celebrated and ordinary days made extra special. We’ve had margarita llama parties, rainbow unicorn mimosa parties and more taco fiestas than we can count. In fact we even have an entire section in our magazine devoted to birthday bucket list adventures. 

For our two July birthdays that are one week apart, celebrating in between the two days seemed fitting. The entire team was contributed to the party planning process and a special surprise created by Jill of Layered Vintage along with Mandy of Ruby Bloom and Kelley Tran took over the office for our Cancer and Leo birthday duo. 

Rainbow Summer Punch 

We walked into in the office, typically green from the abundant plants, and found an explosion of flowers in pink, orange and yellow tones. Florals dripped from the suspended plants while the table had an ombré of arrangements melting from white to pink to yellow. Jaw dropping would be an understatement as the office transformed into a jungle meets secret garden.

A close friend of The Venue Report and mega-talented floral designer, Jill of Layered Vintage brought her vision of summer punch to life with the help of Kelley Tran and Mandy of Ruby Bloom. Hand tying each of the hundreds of flowers, the time and talent they gifted our birthday girls with was astounding.

Hard Kombucha + Avocado Toast Bar 

Both a little healthy nutty with an affinity for hard kombucha (more about that here), The Venue Report’s signature potluck avocado toast bar was the food of choice. When celebrating birthdays, holidays or team wins, we always love involving the entire team to get everyone’s input and help for a well rounded, coordinated meal. It’s always so fun seeing what everyone brings, the collaborative process and how one small idea, like avocado toast, turns into a one-of-a-kind, delicious finished product.

Florals and Fruit

From Jill of Layered Vintage:

“We’ve been so inspired lately by summer’s vibrant colors. Why go neutral when you can really deliver a “punch” with pops of bright colors? Instead of a typical ombré we did a “summer ombré” making sure all of our favorite colors were included.

We dream in installations and have been dying to get our hands on The Venue Report's space. Timing was just perfect for these birthdays! I worked closely with TVR's Media Design Manager, Nathan on this collaboration who loved the idea of pairing the florals with fruit for the ultimate summer celebration.”


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Photography: The Venue Report | Floral Installation: Layered Vintage



Layered Vintage
Layered Vintage
Layered Vintage
San Diego, California

We create custom floral designs for weddings, parties, and all other occasions that need flowers, which really means everything. We are extremely passionate about floral installations and have no fear of heights! We also take orders, such as design custom backdrops or floral crowns. - Website

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