Planners Dining Club Series: The Spring Equinox Party
The third installment of the Planners Dining Club Series is here and in a word, it’s: spring. The PDC, founded, planned and always designed by Jove Meyer, brings NYC’s top creative minds into one space to share a meal and...
by The Venue Report

The third installment of the Planners Dining Club Series is here and in a word, it’s: spring. The PDC, founded, planned and always designed by Jove Meyer, brings NYC’s top creative minds into one space to share a meal and quality time with one another. A time to enjoy the fruits of one another’s labor, the series evolves with each dinner party to reveal a completely new creative vision. Jove meticulously planned this dinner party to happen on the first day of spring with the entire evening to match.

Hosted at The Foundry, New York’s finest gathered around a very unique table (more on that later) surrounded by flowing florals and candlelight to set the scene while Cedar Lakes Estate created a spring inspired meal complete with a create-your-own martini bar. We caught up with Jove to hear about every tiny detail that went into this larger than life party. Catch up with part one and part two of the series now →

Photography by The Hons

This is installment #3 of the Planners Dining Club Series – what makes this spring soiree unique from previous dinners? 

This was our most involved planners dining club event yet! We partnered with The Foundry and used many of their spaces. We started the evening out in the Albra Room with amazing cocktails and delicious food. Guests were greeted by a floral fairy and then made their way next door to the Green House for dinner. There we played with shape and size and created one large X shape table with an install in the middle for all to enjoy! After the delectable dinner and entertainment guests moved to the main space at The Foundry for our dance party complete with a choreographed performance to start! This dinner was our best one yet and involved so many talented creative partners! 

Each dinner is so different – last month we spoke with you about the intimate, all pink dinner party you hosted in a cozy dining room and this month you pulled out all the stops! Can you tell us about that massive table set-up and the dance party that followed dinner? 

They really are so different and that is part of the fun! The design of this event was based on the acrylic tables and white artistic chairs from RentQuest, they set the tone for the vision and then I let the space speak for itself! Being the first day of spring, we wanted to highlight that so I asked the florist to create a floral tornado install to be the highlight of the room and design and she really knocked it out of the park! The tables were laid out in a giant X with the install hanging down from the middle to the ground, it was the centerpiece of the room and really brought a great energy to the dinner. This was also the first time we have had a dance party post-dinner and it was so fun! Since the venue has so many unique spaces and we wanted to showcase as many as we could we decided to get up and dance! Elan Artists created a fun choreographed dance routine complete with incredible custom costumes to welcome the planners to the space and get the party started!

Why did you choose this venue for this specific dinner party?

The Foundry is an iconic New York City venue and was the perfect fit for this event – the caterer was the one who suggested we partner with The Foundry and they were so excited to host us. With so many venue options it made sense to partner with them and highlight the spaces in a way planners have not seen before!

What about the decor? What went into this jaw dropping design? 

We really played with the fact that it was the first day of spring! I wanted something that people would remember and talk about and the show stopping flower tornado install did just that! The incredible florist hand made each piece, painted them and filled them with flowers and hung them from the center of the room. The whole design of the room and event was centered around this piece. The tables were laid out to highlight it and we kept the centerpieces minimal as well so the focus would be on the install. We did not want to be shy with color so we fully embraced it in our amazing place cards, candles and flowers. After a long and cold winter in NYC we were so ready to encourage spring via color and having the dinner in the greenhouse only added to that vibe since it is filled with living plants from the floor to the ceiling!

Can you tell us about the menu?

Cedar Lakes Estate: "It felt like mid-January in Brooklyn but since the party fell on the first day of Spring, we totally went for it. We used all quintessential springtime greenmarket staples and made the food as beautiful and naturally colorful as possible. We were able to brighten up a chilly day with the beauty of food. 

We created our signature Foraging Table for cocktail hour – it is 10 feet of edible goodness, rustically displayed. It is as delicious as it is photogenic! We also offered a Garden Martini bar with house made simple syrups, fresh pressed juices, small batch spirits and beautiful garnishes like edible flowers, fresh herbs, and specialty fruit. We encouraged guests to design their own cocktail with their favorite ingredients and we had some of our favorites to suggest as well, such as the Diamond Cutter – vodka, aperol, cantaloupe syrup and fresh squeezed lemon, topped with prosecco and a nasturtium flower."

Anything you can share about the next event with us? 

The next one will be on a rooftop farm/garden in Brooklyn and is shaping up to be super incredible with all local Brooklyn based vendors.

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Founder, Planner & Designer: Jove Meyer | Venue: The Foundry | Catering: Cedar Lakes Estate | Stationery: Fourteen-Forty | Photography: The Hons | Tabletop Rentals: Broadway Party Rental | Furniture Rentals: RentQuest | Flowers: Bourgeon | DJ: Eric Visa | Lighting: Universal Light & Sound | Live Music + Performers: Elan Artists 

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