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Bachelorette Party Ideas for Every Type of Girl Group

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Planning your bestie’s bachelorette party and want to put something together that isn’t your typical weekend of craziness in Vegas? Well, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re keeping it local, you might opt for a luxurious spa day or cooking class, which we have suggestions for below. Or, if you’d prefer to hop on a plane and head out for an adventure, we’ve got summer camps, glass cabins, train rides and more wide-ranging options for the group of girls seeking quality time together.

Reporter: Alyssa Brown

Hit the Snow

Skiing and snowboarding bachelorette weekends are so much fun for brides who love hitting up the slopes by day and unwinding at the hot tub with wine by night. If your girl loves fresh powder, check out these ski chalets and lodges around the world.
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Attend a Pop-Up Dinner on a Farm

Outstanding in the Field is one of our favorite pop-up dining groups that sets up massive dinner experiences in wide-open spaces like farms or fields. There are a few roaming catering groups doing similar pop-ups that would be really fun to attend with a group of ladies – another to lookout for is Secret Suppers.
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Glamp, Glamp, Glamp

Glamp it up, ladies! From the wilderness of Ontario to the coast of Big Sur, there are so many good glamping spots out there. For luxury and low-key spots that are local or far, far away, head to this guide and check out some of our favorites of 2019.
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Focus on #Selfcare with a Blissful Spa Day

An entire day devoted to #selfcare is a must not only for a bride, but also for her nearest and dearest to relax and ease into the busy pre-wedding phase. If you’re looking for a place to spend all your time being pampered, head to this list of our favorite spas and treatments around the world.
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Pack Your Bags and Head to Summer Camp

For a group of nature loving girls, a trip to Northern California’s Camp Navarro, Cedar Lakes Estate in New York or any of the Under Canvas properties is a great way to spend a weekend hiking, exploring and soaking up some quality time under the stars. These camps are set up so you don’t have to bring any gear along, and you can fully enjoy your time in tents, cottages or lodges in the woods.
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Wine, Dine and Weed in Sonoma

Happy Travelers offers wine and weed tours throughout Sonoma, all of which can be booked privately for a bachelorette party. High on our list is the infused dinner and sleepover tour, which includes a cannabis-infused dinner party with a customized menu and matching wines followed by an overnight stay at their Mountain Top Lodge.

Support Bali Eco-Tourism

Bali, Indonesia
Bali is home to a lot of beautiful eco-friendly huts and treehouses overlooking the rainforest. Green Village is a favorite, especially if your girl squad might be interested in how bamboo huts are made. Camaya Bali is also great for a crew, as there are a few options for group stays at this collection of bamboo houses.
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Go All the Way Up with a Hot Air Balloon Excursion

Hire a hot air balloon with the besties and check out your girl’s favorite mountain range, wine country region or desert expanse from above. Hot air balloons vary in size, but many are built to hold up to a dozen people and you can bring along snacks, bubbles and more.

Take a Private Cooking Class

Whether you’re keeping it local or headed to a far-off destination for this bachelorette party, a private cooking class is a great way for the group to spend quality time learning a new skill together. Naked Kitchen in San Francisco is a great option as well as Cook Space and Haven's Kitchen in NYC. Not sure where to look for the best local options? Call a couple of your favorite hotels in town and see if they offer on-site or off-site cooking courses.
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Go on a Train Journeylearn more

The beautiful Art Deco cabins of the famed Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train (operated by Belmond) are some of the most luxurious we’ve ever seen, and it would be nothing short of unforgettable traveling from Venice to London or Paris on this beauty. If your crew is looking for something a little more budget friendly, Amtrak’s Canadian Rail Experience goes from Toronto to Vancouver with eight days of sightseeing the mountains, lakes and glaciers in between.
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Take a Fragrance Workshop

Every bride needs her signature fragrance for the day, and so do her bridesmaids. In NYC, Alchemologie offers natural perfume blending classes at their shop and at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Jessica at J. Hannah Co in San Francisco offers natural perfume blending workshops for up to 14 people. And in Los Angeles, Persephine is the spot for private classes.
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Try Next Level Glamping

We all learned about constellations in grade school, but it’s so rare as adults that we take the time to search for our favorites. Grab your bride and her closest girlfriends and head to a bubble hotel like Campera in Mexico’s wine country or a glass cabin in the Finnish Lapland like Northern Lights Ranch so you can work on your stargazing and identifying skills. Maybe naming a star in the bride’s honor could make a fun wedding gift from you and the girls!
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Attend a Museum Pop-Up Experience

Bold, colorful pop-up art experiences make fun backdrops for bachelorette party photos and get everyone’s minds off their hangovers (er, for a little while at least). If you’ll be in Boston, the Happy Place is running through the end of June, and Candytopia is happening in Atlanta, Houston and Dallas.

Go on a Michelin-Starred Train Ride in Portugal

Portugal is hot on the travel radar this year and would be a blast to explore with a close-knit group of gals. Hop aboard The Presidential Train for a nine hour journey through the Duoro wine country region, complete with a Michelin-starred feast to round out your experience.
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Hang Out with Animalslearn more

If your bride is an animal lover, a trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo could be right up her alley. Here, you can book a behind-the-scenes tour and get up close to the animals, or you can do your own wandering through the exhibits and take a break to grub up and drink wine at the zoo restaurant or café.
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Photo:Otto Kitsinger / AP for the Idaho Potato Commission
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Stay in the World’s Biggest Potato

There are a million funny things you can plan for your favorite bride pal, but a stay in the world’s biggest potato is guaranteed to be one she won’t see coming. Before you knock it, check out the gorgeous blush-toned interiors and kickstart the brainstorming for this bachelorette party theme.
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Enjoy One of These Feel-Good Animal Experiences

Airbnb’s encounters with a cause include walking with penguins in Cape Town, cuddling with cats at a cat cafe in Osaka, being a manatee caretaker in Puerto Rico, and walking with a wolf pack in Los Angeles. Each of these experiences gives back in some unique way to the fur babies we all love so, so much.
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Try Forest Bathing

If the group of ladies attending this bachelorette party love the outdoors and have an open mind, a forest bathing experience should definitely be a contender. We’re vibing this two-hour guided tour through Cougar Mountain’s Red Town Trail just outside Seattle.
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Cruising Tiki Boat (Seriously)

Newport Beach, California
All aboard this floating Tiki bar at Newport Beach! There’s room for six on each vessel, so you’ll want to divvy up if you have a larger party crowd. Maybe each crew has a color or costume theme? How fun would that be! Don’t forget to BYO booze and sunscreen!
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Hire a Private Yoga Instructor

If you’re planning a weekend-long bachelorette party, it’s important to get some fitness worked into the agenda. A private yoga class should do the trick, and you can take it a step further by getting all the girls matching outfits for the session and bringing along post-workout smoothie ingredients.

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