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Top 25 Bucket List Girls Getaways & Experiences
We take bucket lists real serious-like 'round these parts and feel as though every weekend is another opportunity for adventure. If you're like us and need to venture off the beaten path, feel a bit bold, want to travel deeper...
photo by Nomadic Habit
We take bucket lists real serious-like 'round these parts and feel as though every weekend is another opportunity for adventure. If you're like us and need to venture off the beaten path, feel a bit bold, want to travel deeper and adventure creatively, this list is for you. Gather up your gypsetting best girls and get to knocking these big, beautiful bucket list babies off your once-in-a-lifetime list. 

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Gypset for Twenty Four Hours to a Jungle Disco in Tulum
Tulum, MX

We're starting off this big ol' bucket list with a grand, 24-hour adventure in Tulum. Imagine buying a same-day plane ticket, grabbing your bests, something sparkly and gypsetting for twenty-four hours in Tulum, dancing the night away in a jungle disco and mezcalateria. Expect a  sweet and sweaty night in the middle of a jungle lit only by the light of the moon and the silvery sparkle of a disco ball, sipping smoky spirits, eating fresh local fare and adding one spontaneously beautiful story to the fabric of your lives. 
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Adventure to Most Instagram'd Hotel of the Summer

Photo by Le Sirenuse
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For an intimate and let's face it, "ultimate" girls getaway, gather a few of your closest for an amazing adventure jetsetting to the incomparable Amalfi Coast for a stay at what's most likely THE most Instagram'd hotel this spring & summer, Le Sirenuse. With five stars in Italy, this is completely curated, bespoke experience like you've nevah seen! Think sunset cruises on vintage wooden speedboats, sipping proseco with your pals, dining at on-site restaurant La Sponda - lit at night by over 400 candles with views of the amazing Amalfi Coast. Bonus: the newly opened Franco's Bar, where you'll sip spirits overlooking the entirety of Positano. Sounds pretty perfect to us. 
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Gallop Down to the Galapagos

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Two of our favorite "birthday twins," Michaela Trimble & Marianna Jamandi, a fabulous writer & accomplished photographer, decided to pack up their bags and head south. Waaaaay south. On the most epic girls trip of all time, which we documented here. One of their stops happened to be the once-in-a-lifetime, Galapagos Islands, you know, the entire chain that happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage site? NBD. Think sparkling turquoise waters, sustainable & luxurious accommodations at Pikaia Lodge and giant tortoise reserves. 
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Go on A Girls Getaway Aboard a Luxury Train

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Remember when train travel was full of mystery and adventure? Neither do we, but this one is! What if your next girls getaway adventure was on a luxury train? Pack up your trunks, cock your chapeaus and step one sky-high heel onto the Belmond Grand Hibernian Train to cut a swarthy, sensational path through Ireland with itineraries both intimate and awe-inspiring. Think elegant country houses on wheels as the sleeper cars, share stories with strangers in the saloon car and the stops are a vertiable choose-your-own-adventure of once-in-a-lifetime locales. Opening in August of 2016, book your tickets aboard!
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Gypset To A Seaside Indian Hideaway in Goa
Goa, India

You're gonna want to gypset with your girls to this gorgeous Indian hideaway by the sea in Goa.  Think white sandy beaches, skinny palms and a rich abundance of cultural heritage. Yup, a beach vacay is India too. Nilaya Hermitage is like an oasis tucked away amongst the palm trees & isolated from the rest of the city. The food is fresh & local, the staff is beyond welcoming. But what makes it so special besides the beachside proximity is the mix of gritty, crumbly old architecture and modern amenities. We call that character 'round these parts. 

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Stay in a Brand New Beachfront Treehouse in Mexico

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Find yourself, and your lady soulmates, immersed in nature at gorgeous boutique hotel Playa Viva, which as of recently has #blessed us by opening their first-ever tree-house found literally in the palm trees, while overlooking the ocean. Playa Viva is situated between the glistening waters of the Pacific Ocean and the spectacular Sierra Madre Mountains and rests on a mile of gorgeous, private beach. So grab your best girls and head off the grid to this adventurous and glamptacular hotspot filled with yoga, moonlight beach bonfires and late night swims. 
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Go Urban Rooftop Glamping Down Under
Melbourne, Australia

Adventurous glamazons have embraced the glamping trend in Great Outdoors gathering spots around the globe and we couldn’t be giddier ‘bout it. But we've got a brand-new party hotspot Down Under, gorgeous ‘glamp-site’ St. Jerome’s The Hotel, which is decidedly less “out-in-the-woods” and more uniquely “up-on-the-roof.”  St. Jerome’s The Hotel is uniquely situated on the rooftop of Melbourne Central in the middle of the city, and comprised of 20 spacious world-class canvas bell tents outfitted with all the trimmings of a luxury hotel perfect for all your soiree #squadgoals. So gather up your girls for a glamping adventure – a little more urban jungle-style, one part “into the wild” and two parts “rooftop garden party!”

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Throw an Eccentric English Gathering at a 400 Yr Old Countryside Estate

Photo by Barker Evans
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Gather your crew in the Cotswolds for a bucket list worthy party at this eccentric estate! Aynhoe Park’s combination of 17th-century Palladian grandeur fused with it's eccentric interiors, collectibles and art, have made it one of the most in-demand locations for film & photo shoots.... and parties. The estate has set the stage for many famous fashion shoots for the likes of Vogue Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Tatler and Architectural Digest to name a few.  Mick Jagger's daughter got married her in 2012. It doesn't get much cooler, historical or more interesting than Aynhoe Park and a party with your pals at this eccentric estate would be once-in-a-lifetime FABULOUS.

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Does it Get Any More Bucket List Than Northern Lights & Iceland's Blue Lagoon?

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Does it indeed get any bigger a bucket list item than seeing the Northern Lights & taking a dip in Iceland's famed Blue Lagoon? We thought not. Gather your wayward wanderlusters & park at the Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel, where you can see the Northern Lights from their geothermal hot tub heated by volcanos. On this adventure, you'll rest your laurels amid lava fields, rejuvenate right outside of Reykjavik in the world's most restorative naturally occurring blue lagoon hot springs, dive into a rift between two worlds and stay at a hotel with adventure as it’s middle name (no, really) and modernity in it's bones. 
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Host a Glamping Gathering in the Moab Desert
Moab, UT

The magical backdrop of Mother Nature herself in palettes of washed coppers, terracottas and jagged terrain make the perfect setting for your glamping girls getaway - that and Moab Under Cavas, of course. Make like Free People did and swap stories over a shared family style feast under the starry sky.  Dance, eat delicious food and gossip about all kinds of fun things.  Let all of this lead into a soul cleansing sunset and flickering of the candles as everyone retreats to their tents with full bellies for a deep peaceful slumber. 
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Dine in the Sky
Anywhere you can fly

We all love to gather with friends for a family style feast at our favorite restaurants. But to be bucket list worthy, imagine getting together with your nearest around a dinner table with a fancy chef cooking a private dinner... then being hoisted hundreds of feet into the sky! Have Dinner in the Sky, where you and your bests can hover over some of the world's most picturesque settings and famous monuments. Think "the most magical places imaginable: the Strip of Las Vegas, the gardens of the King David Hotel, the Marina of Dubai, the hills of the Villa Borghese, the banks of the St. Lawrence River, the beach of Copacabana and Cape Town bay, to name a few…" You'll be eye level with soaring birds and dine amongst fluffy white clouds as you fly through the air like Peter Pan. Will you be giggling like schoolgirls? Absolutely.  

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Take the Most Insta-Worthy East Coast Road Trip... Ever
East Coast USA

Photo by Rent Patina
Have the coolest capital E ever road trip on the East Coast when you rent this gem from our pals at Rent Patina! We're talking the MOST Instagrammable, bucket-list beautiful road trip in the U.S. of A. Logging in at 16 feet long and complete with a couple of refrigerators, sinks and its own generator, this 1967 classic silver bullet mobile Airstream simply rocks.  Envision a palm fringed coastline with icy piña coladas, cute litte bright pink drink umbrellas, cannonballs, cocktails and a cool California vibe. Does this not bring back some major Malibu movie moments with Sandra Dee in the cult classic Gidget?! Gather the gals and hit the open road, styled by Rent Patina.
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Soar Over the Serengeti in A Hot Air Balloon

Photo by Singita
Rise to new heights as you and your bestie travel buddies soar over the Serengeti in hot air balloons! This is truly an experience of a lifetime at Singita Grumeti in Tanzania. You will have the unique opportunity to charter a hot air balloon for an unforgettable ride over the treetops of the Serengeti.  As if a safari in Africa isn't already magical enough, this takes game viewing to new heights for a one-of-a-kind perspective. Photography buffs will be able to capture wildlife from a birds eye view as you skim low above the grasslands and acacia forests, then soar up to 1000 feet above. After gliding gracefully through the wilderness on your Singita Balloon Safari, you will be taken back to home base where you can end the day on a canopy bed viewing the wildlife at ground level. Can you imagine? A balloon bash followed by a picnic party?! Sign us up.
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Take A Dreamy Moroccan Disconnect Getaway Under Nomadic Tents
Marrakech, Morrocco

A gypsy jetset dream vacay with your wanderluster besties! What makes La Pause special is the disconnect guests experience from the outside world: there is no cell service, no internet, and (gasp!) no electricity. But a stay here is hardly roughing it. Rooms are all lushly appointed with simple furnishings, fully-equipped bathrooms, and heated running water. Seasonal gourmet meals are enjoyed family-style under nomadic tents that allow you to take in the magnificent scenery. And when the sun goes down, the true other-worldliness of this desert haven reveals itself: candles and lanterns illuminate the property, creating a beautiful glow. They say, they "light as many candles as stars in the sky."
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Plan to Go to A Pop-Up Supper Club
Various locations around the World

You can always have “the usual” at your favorite restaurant, and that’s why it’s time for you to venture out into the world and find yourself at a dinner party in unexpected locations.  Talk about an adventurous girls night! Some of our fave pop-up supper clubs aren't in restaurants at all. They could be an elegant affair in a forest or a chic gathering in an abandoned music venue. Regardless, step out of your comfort zone and add a pop-up supper club dinner to your beautiful bucket list!

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Host a Movie Night from A Hot Tub
New York, London, Ibiza

Why stay inside this summer when you can do this with your bests? This pop-up is pretty much hot-tub party perfection. Operating in London, NYC & Ibiza, Hot Tub Cinema's simple, but magical formula for a cine-magical night out is: great films, amazing spaces and lots of hot tubs. You are encouraged to dress up, sing, dance, drink, play and most of all enjoy your favorite films, alongside friends old and new... while inside a hot tub. Book a whole tub to share with six or eight of your nearest and dearest, or you can buy a pair or more tickets to share with others and make a few new friends along the way. 
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Have A Spa Day Soaking Under a Canopy of Redwoods in Big Sur
Big Sur, CA

Can you imagine a more beautiful or bucket-list worthy spaaaaaaahhhhh day than relaxing in copper tubs under a canopy of redwoods in beautiful Big Sur? Start with a road trip up the cool California coast, a hike to the waterfall at Julia Pfeiffer Burns Park wrap up your relaxation with a stay & soak at Glen Oaks Big Sur
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Have A Slumber Party in the HIghest Treehouse in the World

Have the ultimate, bucket-list worthy slumber party girls getaway in a treehouse! You know if it's made this list, it's may be a bit cooler than the treehouse you wanted as a kid, but got a blanket fort instead. How about if we told you it's the highest treehouse in the world? Yep, it's over 120 ft. in the air. Local people have built these tree houses along with a network of zip lines, so you're actually able to "fly" over the trees to meet the wildlife. Bonus? Funds are reinvested to protect the forest. Bucket list? We think yes. 
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Buy the Ultimate Best Friend Necklace Pool Float Pizza Pie & Head to A Cenote!
Cenotes, pools, lakes, rivers near you

Buy the ultimate best friend necklace pool float! Grab your besties, each buy a slice - and head for your local cenote, pool, lazy river or lake for the ulimate bucket list pizza party minus the calorie guilt! 
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Glamp in the Most Chic Tipi (in the Entire World)
Le Saint Géran, Mauritius

If you're gonna glamp with your gals, and it's made your bucket list, the tipi itself should be just as Instagram-worthy. Who else, but Alice Temperley could design a stunner tipi so elegant that you’d almost want to wear sequins just for spending the evening in it? One & Only Le Saint Géran hides this gem on it’s shores, with it’s sparkling antique Murano chandelier and hand-sewn, white and gold bejewelled exterior. How much would you love to cozy up and snooze the night away under this fashionable creation? 
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Float Through France on A Luxury Barge with your Babes

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Can you imagine taking over a luxury barge with your best babes as you float through the French wine countryside? Park your posse on a sun deck or in a heated pool on board a luxury floating hotel! Bespoke bucket list bonus: you can customize your itinerary based on the luxury barge you choose, Belmond Afloat in France is composed of 5 different péniches-hôtels, available for private hire or per cabin. range from a capcacity of 4-12 guests!  Also, you're not confined to this luxury floating hotel - stops can include stately châteaux and bustling markets to hot air ballooning. 
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Glamp Under a Glass Dome in Patagonia

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We know trekking the perfect peaks of Patagonia happen to be perched on most people's bucket list. But what if you could glamp with your girls under a starry Patagonian sky in a glass geodisic dome? Ecocamp Patagonia is EcoCamp is situated in the very heart of Torres del Paine National Park and provides the region’s first fully sustainable accommodation, complete with green technology. You enjoy guided treks and wildlife excursions by day and share evening meals with new friends as well as your babe pals, before falling asleep gazing up at the star-filled sky through your dome ceiling. 
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Have a Bablyon-Inspired GIrls Getaway on An African Farm with a Human Sized Bird's Nest

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Always wanted to go on a beautiful Bablyon-inspired bucket list girls getaway? Never even thought about it? You will now. Inspired by the mythical gardens of Babylon, this farm hotel spanning eight acres, would make even Adam and Eve feel right at home. With over 300 plants, the fruit and vegetables are harvested for guests to munch on in the restaurant (there will be absolutely no need to count calories here.) You will find yourself meandering around the farm and discovering berries, bees, ducks, chickens, a prickly pear maze, a HUMAN size bird nest and even gravity fed waterways. Gather your girls for a picnic in the gorgeous on-site greenhouse, where you'll eat the freshest fare imaginable. As for the accommodations, think Cape Dutch architecuture, light, white, bright, high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling glass windows taking pretty to a whole new level. 
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The House Hotel Cappadocia
Cappadocia, Turkey

Photo by Arian Zwegers
Wine picnics, hot air ballooning over an anicent city and a stay in a cave hotel? Yes please, bucket list, we're grabbing our best babes right meow. concierge will curate personalized experiences of Cappadocia’s many layers of history, geology and tourism: underground, on land or in the sky. At The House Hotel Cappadcocia their concierge will curate bespoke experiences for you including hiking in the valleys of weatherworn fairy chimneys, horseback riding along the Red River, wine tasting (Cappadocia is considered the birthplace of wine - who knew?), whirling dervish ‘sema’ ceremonies, visiting the ancient frescoed churches and underground cities, as well as private picnics, cycling, and fishing—not to mention Cappadocia’s renowned dawn balloon rides, followed by a celebratory glass of champagne. Literally now. We're leaving now.
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Go to Cuba!
Havana, Cuba

Did you ever think in your lifetime that the travel restrictions would be lifted from the U.S. to Cuba? While there may not be a ton of flights from the U.S. to Cuba quite yet - that's what makes it so bucket list beautiful. Get over there and experience the authentic Cuba with your crew before tourism takes over the beautiful '30s and '50s era hotels and nightlife. Jay-Z and Beyonce stayed at 1930's classic Hotel Saratoga. Or try the quaint and quiet La Rosa de Ortega, a hillside bed & breakfast. There are ten bedrooms, all with private bathrooms. "The house is a 1938 mansion owned by a couple that inherited it from the husband’s aunt in the nineties. The husband-and-wife team revamped the interiors, creating exposed-brick rooms, a large pool area, and beautiful garden, as well as a covered pavilion for dining." Bring your besties and soak in the beautiful Havana days & nights.. before everyone else does! 

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